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Money Today Reporter Chae Tae-byeong | 2024.04.13 08:33

Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall), who won the bronze medal, was on the podium at the KB Financial Group 39th National Men’s and Women’s Comprehensive Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships and 2024-2025 season short track national team 2nd selection competition awards ceremony held at the Mokdong Indoor Ice Rink in Seoul on the 12th. is climbing to /2024.04.12. /Photo=Newsis

When asked whether short track speed track Ji-won Park (Seoul City Hall) received an apology from Dae-heon Hwang (Gangwon Provincial Office), who was involved in the ‘team kill controversy’, he said, “I haven’t heard anything directly yet.”

Park Ji-won was interviewed by reporters after the ‘2024-2025 Short Track National Team 2nd Selection Competition’ held at the Mokdong Indoor Ice Rink in Seoul on the 12th.

Park Ji-won, who was asked a question about Hwang Dae-heon at this event, replied, “I have not yet heard a direct apology from Hwang Dae-heon,” and “We will resolve it step by step.”

Previously, Dae-Heon Hwang committed fouls against Ji-Won Park in every major game, causing controversy over team kills and suspicions of intentional collisions. The Korea Skating Union (KSU) investigated the matter and concluded, “We determine that the collision was not intentional.”

Hwang Dae-heon, aware of the controversy, also bowed his head and said, “It wasn’t intentional, but I am sorry that my play caused harm to my fellow players.” He also said, “I plan to meet with Ji-won in person and express my apology.”

In an interview, Park Ji-won was asked if he was willing to accept Hwang Dae-heon’s apology, and he said, “I’ve only focused on the game so far,” and “I’ll rest at home, put my mind down and think it through.”

Park Ji-won ranked first in the total ranking points of the first and second national team selection rounds, and reserved the Taegeuk mark for next season. In this competition, Hwang Dae-heon ranked 11th and was eliminated from the national team.

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