Simple Planet CEO Jeong Il-du introduces the Korean government’s excellent startup support system at a debate in the U.S. – Digital Times VRESP

Simple Planet CEO Jeong Il-du introduced the Korean government's excellent startup support system at a debate in the United States.

The Sustainable Future Selection Day, hosted by Plug and Play, an American global accelerator, was held in San Francisco.

This event is a selection event created to attract investment from global investors and companies for startups around the world in the agricultural technology, animal health, food and beverage, new materials and packaging fields. Prior to selection, SIMPLE planet Co., Ltd. CEO Il-du Jeong (Dominic Jeong) and S&S Lab Director Min-soo Kim participated as a panelist and shared the strengths of the Korean startup ecosystem and food tech trends.

CEO Jeong Il-doo, head of a bio-food tech company researching cultured meat, △Korea’s F&B and food tech system from the perspective of Korean entrepreneurs △Present and future of cell-cultured food (cultured meat) △Korean startup ecosystem and global growth strategy The topic was covered.

CEO Jeong Il-doo mentioned the excellence of the Korean government’s startup support system and said, “Korea has a very well-established startup environment that supports the growth of excellent startups at the national level.” “Education and institutional support are being provided effectively, and in particular, the support system that promotes cooperation with large Korean companies is developing,” he said.

In addition, he said, “This is creating new value through mutual cooperation by providing start-ups with the excellent technology and know-how of large companies and new business models and technologies for large companies.”

Meanwhile, global companies such as Pepsi-Co, Mars, and Glico participated in this event, and startups around the world made efforts to strengthen their networks and attract investment from global investors and companies. It was.

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Simple Planet CEO Jeong Il-du introduced the Korean government's excellent startup support system at a debate in the United States.

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