Singer Park Sang-min and Kim Byeong-min support campaign, “Those who destroyed common sense and fairness are loud” – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

Singer Park Sang-min campaigned on the 8th to support Kim Byeong-min, People Power Party candidate Gwang Jin-gap. “At some point, common sense, conscience, and fairness were destroyed,” Park said at a campaign rally in support of candidate Kim, adding, “People who did wrong started to shout loudly. “Please make an accurate judgment regardless of left or right,” he said.

Singer Park Sang-min and People Power Party Seoul Gwangjin Gap candidate Kim Byeong-min. /Kim Byeong-min Camp

On this day, Mr. Park, wearing his trademark sunglasses, grabbed the microphone at a campaign site near the traditional market in Junggok-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Mr. Park said, “I am just a singer, and it doesn’t matter if I get criticized for being a singer,” and added, “I have proven my Byeong-min for ten years. “Byungmin keeps his promises,” he said. He said, “Our Byeong-min will do really well. He will keep all the promises he made, and one or two may be lacking, but I am confident that he will do his best to keep them.” Mr. Park asked Candidate Kim, who was standing on the podium, “Byung-min, can you do a good job like Kim Byeong-min, instead of making promises and failing to keep them like the strange candidates?” Candidate Kim loudly responded, “Yes! “I will work hard and do well,” he said.

Candidate Kim said, “Junggok-dong is the neighborhood with the largest population and the largest number of seniors among our Gwangjin-gu bases,” and added, “But can you believe that there is not a single senior welfare center in all of Junggok-dong where seniors can comfortably stay?” He went on to say, “We will quickly build a comprehensive senior welfare center in Junggok-dong that is the most advanced in Korea so that our seniors in Junggok-dong can enjoy a comfortable retirement.”

Candidate Kim also said, “I am a father of three children,” and “I promised the residents of Gwangjin-gu with a dream that Gwangjin-gu would become a good neighborhood to raise children,” and also emphasized his pledge to “host a city children’s hospital.” He said, “Although I am the chairman of the party council outside the National Assembly, I have never left the side of the residents for even a moment. If it is for the residents, I have listened carefully and worked for four years to find out where to quench the thirst of the residents. “I’m ready to work now,” he said.

Candidate Kim is a native of Gwangjin-gu who attended elementary, middle, and high school. Candidate Kim went around the market that day and said, “Please vote for changes in Junggok-dong the day after tomorrow (the 10th). Your vote will change Junggok-dong and change the Republic of Korea.”

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