‘Single Dad’ Choi Min-hwan reveals the ups and downs of his daily life raising three siblings… “I can’t do it if I don’t do it” (‘Shoodol’) – Daily Sports VRESP

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Single dad Minhwan Choi reveals his daily life as a parent.

Episode 520 of KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Superman’), which airs at 9:15 pm on the 7th, will feature the ‘You are my spring’ episode. On the 30th of last month, a preview video of Choi Min-hwan and the three siblings ‘Jaeyul-Ayoon-Arin’ was released on YouTube and received a lot of attention, exceeding 720,000 views. Accordingly, on this day’s broadcast, the ups and downs of single dad Choi Min-hwan and his children’s childcare scene begin in earnest. Choi Min-hwan plans to captivate viewers with the appearance of a true Superman, who raised three siblings in an era of low birth rates and whose hobby and specialty is ‘parenting’.

On this day, Minhwan Choi single-handedly takes care of everything from preparing breakfast to dressing the three siblings Jaeyul, Ayun, and Arin, literally waging a ‘school war’. Choi Min-hwan faces a challenge when it comes to matching the fashion tastes of her 5-year-old twin sister, Ayun-Arin. Choi Min-hwan chooses clothes in a color that Ayun-Arin would like, and then starts tying her hair without even having time to catch his breath.

Ayun seemed to calmly accept her father Choi Min-hwan’s tying, but she suddenly checked the mirror and asked for after-sales service with her firm taste, saying, “Dad, I need a pink ribbon,” making her laugh. Meanwhile, Arin innocently requests her difficult ‘heart hair’, which even her mother says is difficult to do, making Minhwan Choi sweat profusely. Accordingly, Minhwan Choi completely loses his temper from the beginning of his preparations for school, such as watching the video and challenging himself with a ‘heart head’. In fact, Choi Minhwan completed his parents’ drop-off look with sleep pants, showing off his appearance as a real-life father of three siblings rather than an idol, causing laughter.

Choi Min-hwan said, “In the past, there were a lot of adults at home, so I put off a lot of things, but now I feel like I shouldn’t do anything, so I’ve become a little more diligent.” He plans to arouse the sympathy of supermen across the country with his ‘automatic power’ parenting that has no choice but to move for the sake of the children. .

Meanwhile, 7-year-old Jaeyul’s dignified appearance arouses admiration. Jaeyul boasts the appearance of a dignified eldest son, finding his own clothes and dressing himself while Choi Minhwan takes care of his younger siblings, and going to Taekwondo after school. 5-year-old twin sisters Ayun and Arin are expected to bring joy to viewers with their cuteness and smile that will make their father Minhwan Choi melt.

Meanwhile, KBS2 2TV’s ‘Shoodol’ will change its time zone from the 7th and will be broadcast at 9:15 pm on Sunday.

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