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Tottenham’s captain Son Heung-min recorded his 9th assist in the league against Nottingham and is on the verge of becoming the 3rd member of the so-called ‘Ten Ten Club’.

Next season, I think we will be able to see Son Heung-min playing in the dream stage of the European Champions League.

Reporter Kim Ki-beom reports.


There was a lively Samulnori performance at Tottenham’s home stadium, as if to celebrate Son Heung-min’s 400th game appearance.

Son Heung-min attracted attention as the main character even before entering the stadium.

Tottenham’s first goal also came from Son Heung-min’s toes.

A quick pass to Werner led to an own goal, taking the lead.

However, Tottenham gave up an equalizer in Nottingham’s counterattack, and struggled against Nottingham’s offense, with a powerful shot hitting the post right in front of the goalkeeper.

It was Son Heung-min’s pass that turned the tide.

A short pass to defender Van der Pen led to a powerful left-footed mid-range goal.

It was Son Heung-min’s 9th assist in the league.

Tottenham won 3-1, including a goal from Pedro Foro.

Son Heung-min unfortunately missed his 16th league goal in the 40th minute of the second half when his left-footed shot passed the goalkeeper’s hand and hit the goalpost.

(Postekoglou/Tottenham coach: “Son Heung-min is doing well. Although he was unlucky and didn’t score a goal, he is playing for the team.”)

Son Heung-min, who recorded 15 goals and 9 assists this season, now needs to add just 1 assist to reach his 3rd career goal and 10 assists.

It is a record set only by Premier League legends such as Wayne Rooney, Lampard, and Drogba.

Tottenham ranked fourth on goal difference, beating Aston Villa, who had played one more game, increasing their chances of advancing to the European Champions League next season.

This is KBS News Kim Ki-beom.

Video Editing: Park Gyeong-sang

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