Son Heung-min, “SON is not a legend.” He ‘hits’ the former Chelsea player with one punch!… Colleagues come out and say, “Son Heung-min is a legend + a god + a great person” – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

Tottenham colleagues saved the spirit of Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), who heard that he was “not a legend.”

Tottenham uploaded a short video on the club’s social media on the 5th (Korean time) saying, “One word to describe Son Heung-min (Son Heung-min’s nickname).” In the video, Tottenham players said words praising Son Heung-min.

This is a video that gives a glimpse into Son Heung-min’s status within the club, and Son Heung-min delivered a ‘punch’ to former Chelsea captain Andy Townsend, who recently said that “the evaluation of him as a ‘legend’ is excessive.”

The first word spoken about Son Heung-min in the video is ‘Legend’.

Left full-back Destiny Udogi called Son Heung-min a “legend,” followed by Pedro Forro, who praised him as “God.”

Richarlison gave an unusual answer. He compared Son Heung-min to Brazilian legend Ronaldinho and described him as “Sonaldinho.”

After that, Son Heung-min, who appeared on the screen singing a song, passed without being asked any questions.

The praise for Son Heung-min continued.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg described Son Heung-min as “Great,” and “newbie” Radu Dragusin, who joined in January, said he was “Inspiring.”

In summary, the most players called Son Heung-min a ‘legend.’ Not only Udogi, but also Ben Davis, Mickey van der Ven, and Yves Bissouma called Son Heung-min a ‘legend.’

Vice-captain James Maddison called Son Heung-min “family” and Guglielmo Vicario said he was a “big leader.”

Son Heung-min’s ‘affection doll’ Papesar described him as “an amazing person.”

In addition, players commented on Son Heung-min as “my captain,” “humble,” and “disciplined and hard-working.”

Son Heung-min, who only saw the video later, smiled brightly.

He shared the post with the phrase “Love From The Boys” and a heart emoji.

As Tottenham colleagues say, Son Heung-min is a legend.

On the 31st of last month, Son Heung-min scored 1 goal against Luton Town in the 2023-2024 English Premier League and was listed as one of Tottenham’s top 5 all-time scorers. He reached 160 goals in Tottenham’s career, surpassing Cliff Jones (159 goals) and rising to the 5th place with the most goals in the club’s history. Now, there are only four people above him: Martin Chivers (174 goals), Bobby Smith (208 goals), Jimmy Greaves (268 goals) and Harry Kane (280 goals).

Tottenham’s head coach also applauded Son Heung-min. “Son Heung-min has high expectations that he must always be the best, no matter who the opponent is or what game he plays. It’s really difficult to do that,” said coach Angie Postekoglu at a press conference after the Luton Town game. “It can be easier to try to settle for Min as he has already achieved so much, both as a person and as a player, but he strives to perform at the highest level possible every time he plays. If you look at his football, his effort and his leadership, he is an all-encompassing player.” He gave a thumbs up.

Son Heung-min recently received a harsh evaluation from Townsend, a former Chelsea player and current soccer expert. And on this day, Tottenham counterattacked him without saying a single word through the video posted by Tottenham. This is because his colleagues came forward and recognized him as a ‘legend.’

According to British media outlet ‘Talk Sports’ on the 2nd, Townshend said, “Son Heung-min is a great player. However, the word ‘legend’ should only be used in the right context,” he said, adding that it is still too early to call Son Heung-min a legend.

He once again emphasized, “It is true that Son Heung-min is a great player for Tottenham, but he is not a legend.”

Townsend, who mainly played as a central midfielder during his career, played the most games for Aston Villa. During his four years playing, he made 166 appearances, scoring 10 goals and providing 28 assists. At Chelsea, he played in 124 games over three years, scoring 14 goals and providing 10 assists. He, who served as the ‘captain’ at Chelsea, poured cold water on Son Heung-min, who had recently received a series of favorable reviews.

In response to his words, Son Heung-min did not say anything directly. However, Tottenham colleagues who ‘experienced Son Heung-min directly’ recognized Son Heung-min as a ‘legend.’ Townsend’s mouth can’t help but sink in.

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