"Son, what do you have to do with Gyeyang-gu?"… The reason Lee Cheon-soo shed a storm of tears while hugging his mother – Auto Tribune VRESP

– I met my mother during the campaign to support Won Hee-ryong.
– It’s difficult because my family was threatened during the election period.
– No matter what they say or say, I will be with Won Hee-ryong.

(Auto Tribune = Reporter Kim Woo-kyung) Former national soccer player Lee Cheon-soo, who played a key role in the semifinals of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, shed tears on the 4th and is attracting attention.

▲Former national soccer player Lee Cheon-soo (left) and his mother (Photo = Won Hee-ryong TV)

Ahead of the April 10 general election, Lee Cheon-soo, who is the chairman of the support committee for People Power Party candidate Won Hee-ryong’s Gyeyang-eul, said while campaigning at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Gyeyang this afternoon, “Many people are asking me what you have to do with Gyeyang.”

At the same time, he said, “My mother is here now,” and suddenly introduced his mother, who was among the campaign crowd, in a campaign vehicle.

Lee Cheon-soo emphasized, “Whenever I pick up the microphone, the opponents threaten me so much that my family is having a hard time right now,” and added, “But I won’t give up and will fight until the end.” Cheonsu Lee continued his speech with difficulty, holding back tears several times during his speech.

▲Former national soccer player Lee Cheon-soo (left) and his mother (Photo = Won Hee-ryong TV)

He continued, “Is this a presidential election? It’s a National Assembly election that can develop Gyeyang-gu. For Gyeyang-gu to develop, you need to provide a candidate who can work,” and added, “No matter what they say or criticize me, I will be with candidate Won Hee-ryong until the end.” He raised his voice. In response to Lee Cheon-soo’s remarks, supporters cheered by shouting things like ‘Go Lee Cheon-soo’ and ‘Lee Cheon-soo, don’t be discouraged.’

After finishing speaking, Cheonsu Lee turned around and shed the tears he had been holding back. Lee Cheon-soo’s mother, who was shedding tears along with Lee Cheon-soo, took the microphone and explained, “Cheon-soo played soccer here and the Korea World Cup was held here, so I can’t forget Gyeyang. It’s like my hometown.”

At the same time, he said, “Cheonsu absolutely does not want to go into politics. I have had a long-standing relationship with Candidate Won,” and asked the residents of Gyeyang, “Please make sure to believe just this once what you have never believed in 25 years.” Afterwards, Lee Cheon-soo and his mother hugged each other in tears.

▲Former national soccer player Lee Cheon-soo (left) and his mother (Photo = Won Hee-ryong TV)

Earlier, Lee Cheon-soo was kneed in the thigh by a man while helping Candidate Won’s election campaign. Also, on the same day, a man held a drill and threatened Lee Cheon-soo, saying, “We’ll see. I know your house and where your wife and children live.”

Meanwhile, it is known that the relationship between Lee Cheon-soo and Candidate Won began when Candidate Won met Lee Cheon-soo when he visited the Jeju Girls’ High School soccer team to encourage it, which was at a crossroads due to the suspension of support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2016, when Candidate Won was the governor of Jeju Island. At that time, Lee Cheon-soo visited Jeju Girls’ High School with members of ‘Team 2002’, the main players in the Korea-Japan World Cup, and delivered special funds.

Also, Lee Cheon-su was born in Gyeyang-myeon, Gimpo-gun in 1981, before the current Gyeyang-gu was incorporated into Incheon City. He later spent his school days in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, graduating from elementary, middle, and high school, and has been a player for Incheon United since 2013, retiring from the same team in 2015.

▲He is hitting former soccer player Lee Cheon-soo with his knee.  (Photo = Channel A YouTube)

▲A man is kneeling on the thigh of former soccer player Lee Cheon-soo. (Photo = Channel A News YouTube)

Regarding the reason he took on the position of Candidate Won’s support chairman, Lee Cheon-soo said, “If I compare the Gyeyang I saw 20 years ago when I was young with the current Gyeyang, I felt there was no difference. I don’t know much about politics, but there needs to be someone in Gyeyang to help the residents.” “After thinking about whether I could be happy, I decided to support candidate Won,” he said.

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