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Actress Song Ha-yoon.  yunhap newsActress Song Ha-yoon. yunhap newsActress Song Hayoon’s agency completely denied allegations of school violence (hereinafter referred to as school violence) and hinted at legal action, but even the victim’s family came forward and criticized it.

A netizen who identified himself as the victim’s maternal uncle posted on the YouTube video of JTBC’s ‘Incidence Team Leader’, which reported on Song Ha-yoon’s suspicions of school violence on the 5th, “It may be surprising that a male student was assaulted by a female student, but my nephew underwent major surgery at a hospital as an infant and lost his physique. He commented, “It’s on the small side.”

He continued, “(My nephew) said he graduated from college in the U.S. and was working at a good job, so I forgot about it. Today, I got a call from my younger brother and found out.” He added, “I’m posting this because my agency is a secondary perpetrator. Why don’t I tell you the reason for the violence?” “Can’t they do it? Can’t they even say a sincere apology? As a parent, my blood is boiling,” he said angrily.

Previously, informant A claimed through the ‘incident leader’ that when he was in high school, he was called in for no reason and slapped 90 times by Song Ha-yoon. ‘Incidence Team Leader’ later reported on Song Ha-yoon’s testimony after obtaining testimony that she was forced to transfer schools after being involved in a group assault that lasted four weeks.

Song Ha-yoon’s agency called all of these claims “unfounded” and suggested legal action, but partially acknowledged Song Ha-yoon’s involvement in the group assault incident and her transfer through the “Incidence Team Leader.” However, she said, “She only informed Iljin of the victim’s attendance at school, but she is not a direct perpetrator. Since Song Ha-yoon was active in the entertainment industry, she wanted to end the situation quickly. Her agency gave the victim a settlement amount and she voluntarily transferred to the school. He explained, “I went to .”

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