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Actress Song Seon-mi shared her story after sending her husband to heaven in 2017.

Channel A’s ‘Best Friends Tocumentary – Table for 4’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Table for 4’), which airs on the 8th, features a trustworthy actor who debuted in second place in the super elite model selection contest in 1996 and plays a variety of roles from comical acting to villains. Song Seon-mi appears as the main character. He reveals his apartment, which contains his daily life with his unique 9-year-old daughter, on air for the first time.

On this day, Song Seon-mi invites actress Woo Hee-jin, whom she has been friends with for 25 years, actress Go Eun-mi, who worked with her during difficult times, and relationship expert Son Gyeong-i, who fell in love with the lecture and became her best friend through SNS comments and DMs. Woo Hee-jin, who bought Song Seon-mi’s hands full of flowers at her request, shows off her 25-year-old chemistry by accompanying her with her plan terrier. Woo Hee-jin, who was born in ’75, reveals how she became friends with Song Seon-mi, who was born in ’74, and reveals her story of how Song Seon-mi reduced her broadcast age by one year at the beginning of her debut.

Song Seon-mi, a girl from Busan, persuaded her parents to enroll in a modeling academy with the money she received in lieu of marriage funds, revealed her modeling debut anecdote about renting a room in Seoul, and even confesses how she felt at the time when she shaved her head for a role in a drama. Woo Hee-jin shares an anecdote about her debut as a child actress, and Go Eun-mi also shares her life story from being in a girl group to being recognized as a villainess.

The current status of Song Seon-mi, a passionate mother who has been doing her best to raise her 9-year-old daughter alone since her husband passed away in 2017, is also revealed. Next, actress Go Eun-mi, who is currently raising her daughters who are 8 and 7 years old, aroused her curiosity by revealing her story of going to a philosophy museum because of her particularly curious eldest daughter and coming to receive comfort from her.

Meanwhile, Song Seon-mi confesses that she even thought about retiring as an actress after seeing herself on the Internet dwelling on a tragic incident seven years ago. However, he said, “I’m trying to move my life in the direction I want.”

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