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Spotify unveils music service that creates playlists with generative AI – IT Chosun VRESP

Spotify has released the beta version of AI Playlist. / Spotify

Spotify has unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI)-based streaming music service. Users write down what they want in the prompt, and music that suits them is recommended.

On the 7th (local time), Spotify announced the beta version of the AI ​​playlist function for ‘Spotify Premium’ users. Similar to generative AI, this function creates a playlist by entering sentences such as “comfortable music to embrace me during allergy season” or “a song that makes me feel like I am the main character” in the prompt.

Spotify explained that you can enter all kinds of words into the prompt, such as dirges, animals, movie characters, and colors, and after the playlist is created, you can modify the results to ‘brighter’ or ‘pop music-centric’, etc.

Spotify added that it used LLM (Large Language Model) to understand user intent. However, as it is still in beta version, it does not generate results for prompts that are not related to music, and there are measures in place to deal with offensive messages.

Currently, the AI ​​Playlist feature is available on Android and iOS operating systems, and the service is only available to premium users in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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