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This is a time when advice abounds.

Even just watching the reels for a short time, you will see dozens of people calling themselves experts. Each one tells you how to achieve results. But strangely enough, the more I hear advice, the more distant and distant it feels. When you listen to advice, you easily nod your head, but when you turn around, you are still at a loss. Some people tell you not to do what you should do, and some people oppose what others recommend.

That’s why it’s important to decide who to ask for advice. In order not to lose one’s direction in an age where advice is overflowing. I think it’s important to get advice from someone who’s already done it. This is because it reduces trial and error. However, I tend to think carefully about whether I ask anyone for advice. Using the criteria below:

1. Same destination

People who pursue a balanced work-life balance may find it difficult to understand someone who dedicates their entire day to work. A person who enjoys bold and rapid challenges will have a hard time giving advice to a craftsman who is obsessed with even the smallest details and produces flawless results. As everyone knows, this has nothing to do with right or wrong.

However, if I listen to advice from someone whose destination is different from mine, my destination feels further away and more vague. So I Before listening to someone’s advice, check first whether that person’s goal is the same as yours.

2. Tried it myself

It is said that professional athletes seek advice from professionals doing the same thing inside the stadium, not from spectators or broadcasters in the stands. It is difficult to do the work yourself and produce results, but anyone can watch and critique the work from the stands. I once heard this from someone who ran a large company.

When you go to a board meeting, there are many investors who don’t even know what they are talking about. Among those who claim to be experts, there are also those who have never done the job themselves. Sometimes it’s just because you’ve met a lot of successful people or analyzed a lot of success stories. I believe that if you want to become a player, it is better to get advice from the player, not an announcer, and if you want to become a manager, it is better to get advice from the manager, not a critic.

3. Repeated

There is a saying that people who have read only one book are the scariest. For your own growth, it is often not helpful to blindly trust the success you experienced once or twice. This is because it can create generalized errors that are unsustainable. exaggerating one’s own experiences The most common tactic used by ‘success selling’ influencers is to package the one or two successes they have experienced as if they were sustainable.It’s called.

So, I trust the words of people who have achieved consistent results over a long period of time rather than those who achieved sudden success in a short period of time. What is important is the traces of consistent, repeated results. I listen to the stories of Warren Buffett, who has repeated the same success in the industry for decades, rather than the stories of people who made a huge amount of money in just one or two years of starting stock trading.

4. Imitable

Even if you meet the three criteria above, there is some advice you won’t get. This is advice from people who have succeeded in ways that cannot be immediately followed. It is said that Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of Hive, composed the famous song while he was a composer while visiting a sauna.

Of course, a flash of light wasn’t the only reason a masterpiece was created, but it would be difficult for aspiring writers to compose great songs by imitating going to a sauna. Some achievements are created through systematic methodologies and specific processes, while others are created with innate talent, ideas, or inspiration.

Of course, the latter is difficult to follow and causes great confusion, while the former can be learned and followed even by relatively beginners. So I myself I listen more closely to people who present ‘methods’ and ‘processes’ that can be followed rather than ‘anecdotes’ of successful outcomes.

This content is introduced once again on Mobi Inside after editing the article posted by Seo Hyun-jik on Brunch.

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