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U.S. President Joe Biden (right) is meeting Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani at the White House in Washington, U.S. on the 15th (local time). (Photo = Reuters Yonhap News)

As the conflict between Israel and Iran escalates, U.S. military bases in Syria have been attacked by Iraqi rockets, continuing unrest in the Middle East.

On the 21st (local time), Reuters, citing two Iraqi security sources, reported that at least five rockets were fired from Zumar, northern Iraq, toward a U.S. military base in northeastern Syria. This is the first attack on U.S. troops in the region since Iranian-backed militants in Iraq stopped attacking U.S. forces in early February.

Iraq’s Shafaq News Agency reported that Shia militia in Iraq fired rockets at the U.S. military base in Karab Al-Ir, and that several loud explosions were heard from the takeoff and landing site within the base, followed by thick smoke rising. “No U.S. soldiers were injured, but the exact facts, such as whether the rocket reached the base or whether the base was a target, were not known,” a U.S. official who requested anonymity told Reuters.

The attack took place a day after Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani returned from a visit to the United States and met with President Joe Biden at the White House. Reuters analyzed that as little progress was made in negotiations for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq during Prime Minister Alsudani’s visit to the United States, Iraqi armed forces resumed attacks on U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.

The rockets targeting the U.S. military base are believed to have come from a fixed launcher at the rear of a small truck parked in Jumar. Jumar borders Syria. A senior military official, who requested anonymity, said, “The unexploded ordnance exploded and the small truck was engulfed in flames, and at that moment, a fighter jet was hovering in the sky.” He added, “Until an investigation is conducted, it cannot be confirmed whether the truck was bombed by U.S. military fighter jets.”

Iraqi security authorities announced that they had deployed Iraqi security forces to the Syrian border and began extensive tracking of the group that fled. They also announced that they would be arrested and prosecuted. An Iraqi military official said, “Based on the initial investigation of the confiscated truck, it is determined that the truck was destroyed in an airstrike.” He added, “We are communicating with the international coalition forces in Iraq led by the U.S. military to share information about this attack.” said.

Reporter Han Kyeong-kyung

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