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Meet actor Teo Yoo’s yesterday and today.

The special exhibition of Yoo Teo, who became the first Korean actor to be nominated for the Best Actor Award at the 77th British Academy Awards for his role in ‘Fast Lives’, will be held at the ‘Picture House’ Theater in Garosu-gil for 18 days from April 11th to April 28th.

‘Teorama We Love Teo Yoo’, held at the arthouse Picture House, features the representative works of Teo Yoo, an ongoing actor and writer who is pioneering his own boundaries by crossing the various fields of directing, acting, and creation, regardless of genre or character. This is Picture House’s second special exhibition on actors, following the ‘Lee

Actor Teo Yoo, who was recognized for his acting skills to the point where he was the first Korean actor to be nominated for the Best Actor Award at the 77th British Academy Awards (BAFTA), is said to be an actor who embodies communication and emotions through unique character exploration and approach, and is a language with a point of ‘melancholy’. He is evaluated as an actor who understands, a special youthful face engraved with the hot moments of his brilliant youth, and an actor who builds his own identity by projecting his unique emotions and interpretations on the screen. This special exhibition reflects the colors of Teo Yoo and Picture House. It is even more expected that the colors pursued will harmonize very well.

In addition, Teo Yoo Actor Ticket, which was selected as the second runner for the signature goods ‘Actor Ticket’, which has drawn an enthusiastic response both at home and abroad with a signature ticket consisting of famous scenes from the movies ‘Young Man’, ‘Beat’, and ‘There is no Sun’, is a ticket for his movie. It consists of famous scenes from ‘Fast Lives’, ‘Leto’, and ‘Vertigo’, and inquiries from fans and cinephiles are already continuing.

In addition to the signature actor ticket, a poster with actor Teo Yoo’s autograph printed on the poster of each of the four films screened will also be provided as audience giveaway goods, so it is expected to be a great gift for fans of actor Teo Yoo and movie fans.

Picture House, which claims to be Korea’s first gallery-type convergence theater, is expected to continue the synergy of differentiated programming and exhibition space by combining an art movie theater and a gallery. ‘Nam June Paik: The Moon is the Oldest TV & Print Exhibition’ will be held in the theater lobby and theater from March 28 to May 7, and various exhibitions, art, independent films, and special exhibitions on various topics will be held thereafter.

Garosu-gil Art Theater Picture House plans to continue the Actor of the Month special exhibition and Signature Actor Tickets, and introduce carefully selected masterpieces by director, country, and theme. In addition to special gallery exhibitions, we plan to continue special exhibitions that will capture the attention of cinephiles and audiences interested in various fields of art.

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