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Tesla Korea revealed the prices of the full Model Y lineup on the 4th and began resale. The Model Y lineup consists of the same rear-wheel drive (RWD), four-wheel drive (AWD) long range and performance as before, and the prices range from 54.99 million won to 71.99 million won. Productivity of this Model Y has been improved, including hardware 4.0 (HW4.0).

Sales of Model Y, excluding the RWD standard, have been discontinued since the second half of last year. Sales of the full lineup began after about 10 months, and detailed prices were set at KRW 54.99 million for RWD Standard, KRW 63.99 million for AWD Long Range, and KRW 71.99 million for Performance. It takes a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months to deliver to the customer.

Along with the resale of Model Y, trim prices except for RWD standard were reduced. Compared to the price just before order suspension, Model Y AWD Long Range was lowered by 14.75 million won and Performance was lowered by 13.35 million won. However, unlike before, Model Y AWD Long Range and Performance are produced in China. The RWD Standard is also produced in China.

HW4.0 was applied to all Model Y trims that began resale. HW4.0 features a wider side camera angle of view compared to HW3.0, and improved image quality for all cameras. In addition, the front wheel 4P brake caliper is installed. The exterior color was changed from midnight silver to stealth gray, and red to ultra red.

Model Y RWD Standard can drive 356 km on a single charge with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. Model Y AWD Long Range and Performance are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. The driving distance when fully charged is 486km (estimated value) and 449km, respectively. A glass roof is standard, and first-row ventilated seats have not been added.

Reporter Hansol Kim 〈Top Rider [email protected]

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