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The fall of the once brilliant AOMG… It’s a hip-hop label, but the only one you can trust is ‘Kian84’ (MD Focus) – My Daily VRESP

Webtoon writer and broadcaster Gian84/ My Daily

Webtoon writer and broadcaster Gian84/ My Daily

(My Daily = Reporter Lee Ye-joo) AOMG, which was considered Korea’s representative hip-hop label, is facing a major crisis. Incessant gossip from the company’s celebrities, expiration of exclusive contracts of artists one after another, and even the resignation of head DJ Pumpkin. Currently, the only artist worthy of being featured as a main role is broadcaster and webtoon writer Gian84.

AOMG’s crisis began with singer Minoy’s ‘advertising punk controversy’. Previously, My Daily exclusively reported that Minoy did not appear at the commercial shoot for her cosmetics brand Papa Recipe on January 30th. As the controversy intensified, Minoy claimed through her live broadcast that she “never failed to participate in the advertisement two hours in advance” and “I was not even informed of the contents of the contract for the advertisement nor did I know when the contract was written.” She also said, “(The contract) had a fake stamp that was different from my stamp, and I felt that there was a lot of content compared to the 2022 advertising contract, so I requested modification of the contract terms, but there was no coordination,” and is experiencing conflict with the agency. reported.

However, Dispatch’s later report revealed that the fake seal that Minoy claimed was an electronic signature and part of the down payment and contract terms were revealed, and Papa Recipe also said in an official statement, “There were no unreasonable demands on Minoy, and AOMG will respond as soon as possible after the failure to film the commercial. “I have paid compensation for my damages,” he said. Afterwards, Minoy was unable to resolve differences of opinion with his agency and took steps to terminate his exclusive contract with AOMG.

Singers Gray, Lee Hi, Woo Won-jae / My Daily

Singers Gray, Lee Hi, Woo Won-jae / My Daily

DJ Pumpkin, who led the company as the head of AOMG for about six years, also announced his intention to step down from his position as CEO last month. However, their position is that it has nothing to do with the Minoy incident. In addition, Gray, Woo Won-jae, Lee Hi, and Goosebumps, who contributed greatly to AOMG’s heyday, recently announced their breakup with AOMG.

Now, among the remaining artists in AOMG, the only ones who are most recognizable to the public are Simon Dominic and Kodkunst. However, Code Kunst has not been active in music since August 2023, and Simon Dominic’s last album activity will be in 2021. In addition, Hoody, Punchinello, and Elo are artists who have left hit songs, but not only are they not popular enough to establish themselves as the agency’s main roles, but their music activities are also not very active.

In addition, Goosebumps was recently involved in an incident where Noel was assaulted four days before announcing the expiration of his exclusive contract with AOMG. After Noel revealed on his account, “(Goosebumps) unilaterally kicked, threw and punched the liquor bottles on the table,” Goosebumps publicly apologized and resolved the conflict, but AOMG was already shaken. It was a fatal blow.

In the end, the only star that AOMG currently has the most hope for is Kian84. The situation that has befallen AOMG, which was a dream company for hip-hop prospects in the past, is nothing but a disgrace. How can they overcome the crisis in a situation where the trustworthy leader who has been building the company for a long time has disappeared?

Reporter Lee Ye-ju [email protected]
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