The ‘shock therapy’ of the director’s voluntary resignation did not work… Jeonbuk, still on a winless streak – Kyunghyang Shinmun VRESP

The game will be played under coach Park Won-jae.

Lost 2-3 to Gangwon FC at home.

‘Last place’ among 12 teams with 3 draws and 3 losses

Falling things have no wings. Jeonbuk Hyundai, which was considered a candidate to win the K-League 1 this season, also lost its first game following the voluntary resignation of coach Dan Petrescu.

Jeonbuk lost 2-3 in the 6th round home game of the 2024 season K League 1 against Gangwon FC held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 7th. After opening the season, they extended their winless record to 6 games (3 draws, 3 losses) and ranked last among 12 teams. If we expand the scope to official games such as Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) games, there has been no victory in the last 9 games.

Jeonbuk’s squad was evaluated as the strongest in the transfer market, including the signing of last season’s joint top scorer Thiago and Incheon United’s main striker Hernández, as well as the national team line-up of Kim Jin-soo, Park Jin-seop, Song Min-gyu, and Moon Seon-min, but the team continued to perform poorly. The fans’ disappointment was evident in the banners hanging in the stands with phrases such as “No. 1 in annual salary, 12th in ranking” and “The pride of being Jeonbuk.”

Jeonbuk played its home game in a chaotic situation without a coach. This is the first game under coach Won-jae Park, and all we trained for was the day before.

Jeonbuk briefly delighted the home fans with a changed management of the game in the first half. He connected with a 2-on-1 pass to the halfway line, and upon seeing the attacker infiltrating from the side, he developed an attack with a pass that changed direction significantly.

However, the first goal belonged to Gangwon. Jeonbuk goalkeeper Jeong Min-ki was unable to properly block Gangwon Yago’s shot, and tripped Hwang Moon-ki, who was rushing, and gave a penalty kick (PK). Gangwon took a 1-0 lead in the 41st minute of the first half as Lee Sang-heon, who showed off his superb goal scoring ability, calmly scored a PK.

At the end of the first half of the Jeonbuk Province, Kim Tae-hwan chased down the PK by directly handling the PK obtained due to an opponent’s handball foul. In the second half, they tried to increase the offensive level by substituting striker Thiago for Vinicius and winger Moon Seon-min for Jeon Byeong-kwan, but were unable to gain an advantage in the midfield battle and gave up the initiative.

In the 24th minute of the second half, opposing defender Kang Tu-ji allowed a mid-range goal, resulting in a 1-2 comeback. Afterwards, they lost in aggressiveness and gave up an additional goal in 4 minutes, resulting in a complete defeat. Jeonbuk had to be satisfied with Song Min-gyu heading over Kim Tae-hwan’s cross in extra time in the second half, and Moon Seon-min narrowing the score gap with a shot.

Jeonbuk Club announced that “nothing has been decided yet” regarding the new manager candidates and appointment date, and that it will continue coach Park Won-jae for the time being.

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