The United States is in an uproar over the ‘black sun’… A ‘diagonal band’ of accommodation closures appears on the map – Chosun Ilbo VRESP TODAY

While a total solar eclipse was expected to be observed in North America on the 8th (local time), reservations for Airbnb accommodations located in the total solar eclipse observation path were closed and marked in orange./X

The entire United States is in excitement ahead of a total solar eclipse when the moon blocks the sun. Amid expectations that up to 4 million people will travel to observe the space show, reservations for Airbnb accommodations along the path of the total solar eclipse have closed.

According to AirDNA, which provides analysis data on short-term real estate rentals in the United States, on the 7th (local time), most Airbnb accommodations along the path of the total solar eclipse, which runs diagonally from Texas in the south to Maine in the northeast, were fully booked.

“Thousands of Airbnbs throughout the total eclipse path reached 100% occupancy rates, creating a distinct pattern on the U.S. map,” AirDNA said.

Visitors look at the sun through large solar eclipse glasses installed in the town square on April 7 in Holton, Maine. Millions of people flocked to areas along the ‘total eclipse path’ across North America to experience the total solar eclipse./AFP Yonhap News

If you look at the AirDNA map, where you can check the status of Airbnb reservations, you can see a diagonal orange band. On the map, accommodations are colored orange as the reservation rate approaches 100%.

When the map containing the reservation status was shared through social media, local netizens commented, “It’s interesting,” and “It looks like a buffalo is passing by.”

A total solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the moon is located between the Earth and the sun and completely blocks the sun. This is the first total solar eclipse observed in the United States in 7 years since 2017.

In particular, this total solar eclipse will be observed for a longer period of time and from a wider area than in 2017. Depending on the observation location, it is predicted to last as long as 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Total solar eclipse./Chosun DB

Interest in this total solar eclipse has grown as it is predicted that the next total solar eclipse will not be visible until 2045.

According to CBS, as millions of people are expected to travel in droves to see the space show, there is also analysis that the economic effect caused by this total solar eclipse could amount to a total of $6 billion (approximately 8.118 trillion won).

Ray Perryman, CEO of the Perryman Group, an economic analysis firm, said, “It will be concentrated over a short period of time, but it will be an opportunity for many cities, including small cities, to promote themselves.”

This total solar eclipse, observed in North America, will first appear in Mexico around 11 a.m. local time on the 8th and will continue for about two hours through the United States and into Canada.

Hundreds of events will be held throughout the total solar eclipse observation area, and some schools will be closed.

In the United States, six prison inmates won a lawsuit to be allowed to see a total solar eclipse. According to the Associated Press, these inmates will reportedly be able to see the total solar eclipse above the prison fence.

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