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Screenshot of MBC ‘Wonderful World’ Episode 12

MBC’s ‘Wonderful World’ Kim Nam-joo and Cha Eun-woo found out all the truth about that terrible day and all of Park Hyuk-kwon’s crimes.

In the 12th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Wonderful World’ (directed by Lee Seung-young, Jeong Sang-hee/written by Kim Ji-eun), which aired on the 6th, Soo-hyeon (Kim Nam-joo) and Seon-yul (Cha Eun-woo) are behind the deaths of Geon-woo (Lee Joon) and Eun-min (Kang Myeong-ju). They were shown gathering their strength to dig up Kim Jun (Park Hyuk-kwon), who was presumed to be. At the same time, along with Kim Jun’s vicious true face, the full story of the Geon-woo incident, which started all the tragedies, was finally revealed. Accordingly, the 12th episode of ‘Wonderful World’ rose to a peak viewership rating of 10.9% (based on Nielsen Korea).

Today’s broadcast started shockingly by highlighting the time when Seonyul’s mother, Eunmin, suffered an accident. When Eun-min, who felt indebted to Su-hyeon, demanded leniency from Kim Joon and threatened to reveal the truth about her, Kim Joon conspired to silence Eun-min. At that time, Kim Joon used the Junseong Foundation to approach a truck driver whose child suffered from heart disease under the pretext of a heart transplant. He faked an accident and killed Eunmin, pretending to be concerned about Seonyul, who was heartbroken due to Eunmin’s accident, and hypocritically kept them close. It was placed under surveillance.

Seonyul guessed early on that Eunmin’s accident was Kim Jun’s fault. However, because Eun-min was still alive, he could not hastily confront Kim Jun, and just waited under Kim Jun for the time for revenge to come. Meanwhile, Kim Jun, who was monitoring Seon-yul’s movements, also noticed that Seon-yul and Su-hyeon were moving together, raising tension.

While investigating Eun-min’s case, Soo-hyun realized that the lawyer in charge of the truck driver who was responsible for the crime was someone involved in the Geon-woo case and that they had a connection with Kim Jun. And in the past, her husband Su-ho (Kim Kang-woo), who had said he would investigate the Gun-woo case, came to mind, and she found the data on the Gun-woo case investigated by Su-ho in the study. During this process, Su-ho found out that Kim Joon had been at the center of Geon-wu’s case from before, but he was indignant after realizing that he had covered it up.

Su-hyeon went straight to Su-ho and asked him why he covered up the truth, and Su-ho only said, “I had no power at that time. It was the best I could do.” Su-hyeon was once again disappointed by Su-ho’s unconvincing answer and took a sharp step back. Su-ho stopped Su-hyeon, who turned around, and persuaded him, “I value you as much as Geon-woo. Let’s let Geon-woo go now.” But Su-hyeon coldly turned away and made a firm promise in his heart, saying, ‘If you don’t do it, I will do it.’

Meanwhile, Kim Jun continued his solid presidential campaign. Among them, Suho held hands with Kim Jun, shocking the viewers. Suho decided to help Kim Jun’s presidential election, saying that he would at least have power since he had nothing left, and used his position as ABS news director to create positive public opinion toward Kim Jun.

Han Sang (Seong Ji-ru), who was disappointed with Su-ho, who had started to blatantly act like ‘Kim Jun’s trumpet’, appeared at the broadcasting station and criticized him with a flour attack, but Su-ho did not even blink, raising curiosity about his renegade intentions. In addition, Suho was also captured investigating something secretly, avoiding people’s eyes, adding to the curiosity about his actions.

On the other hand, Seonyoul began planning to take down Kim Jun in earnest. Seonyul, who had been acting as Kim Jun’s lackey and taking advantage of the weaknesses of competing candidates, took advantage of this to gather together lawmakers who had a grudge against Kim Jun. And in front of them, he gathered allies, saying, “Since I am the one who made Kim Jun a presidential candidate, I will also try to bring him down. Will you join me?” At the same time, he began to dig into the Junseong Foundation through Soojin (Yang Hyeji) and gradually tightened Kim Jun’s breathing.

Soo-hyeon also delved into Kim Jun. Soo-hyun informed Seon-yul that Ji-woong (Oh Man-seok) seemed to be involved in Kim Jun’s attempt to murder Eun-min, and that Kim Jun was also involved in the Geon-wu incident. He also advised Seon-yul to think again to see if he missed anything in Eun-min’s case since he would dig into Geon-woo’s case. At this time, Seonyul confessed that Eunmin left the word ‘tablet’ right before she died, and Kim Jun seemed to be looking for it as well, but he could not find the tablet anywhere.

In this situation, the tablet emerged as the only clue. While Su-hyeon was pondering the meaning of the tablet Eun-min left behind, he happened to run into Hye-geum (Cha Soo-yeon), the girl next door. Hye-geum told Soo-hyeon that they would immigrate soon and warned her to be careful because Kim Jun is a scary person. However, Su-hyeon remained unwavering and said, “What mother in the world would be afraid of her child getting hurt? All this time, I knew nothing about my baby’s accident. From now on, I will correct it and inform you properly.”

A few days later, while looking at the scene of Hye-geum’s house moving, Su-hyeon suddenly remembered that on the day of the Geon-woo incident, Hye-geum was with her son Hee-jae (Jin Jae-hee) in front of the front door of her house, and that Hee-jae was filming her riding a bicycle. Just as Su-hyeon was leaving the house in a hurry to meet Hye-geum, Hye-geum came to see Su-hyeon. And Hye-geum left, leaving behind the words, “What Geon-wu’s mother said still bothered me. In fact, that day, I saw Gun-wu leaving with a tablet. I don’t know anymore. I’m sorry.”

So, Soo-hyeon searched all over the house to find Geon-woo’s tablet, but couldn’t find it, and through Su-ho, she confirmed that the tablet was not even in the belongings at the time of the incident. At that moment, Soo-hyeon realized that the tablet Eun-min had mentioned before her death was Geon-wu’s tablet.

At the same time, Seonyul recalled an important memory while listening to an old call recording on Eunmin’s cell phone. A few days before Eun-min’s accident, she gave Seon-yul a pendant necklace that she had always loved and told her to “never lose it.” Thinking about it again, Seon-yul, who was suspicious of her mother’s actions, ended up with Ji-woong (Oh Man-seok), whom she had strayed from earlier. The recording of Eunmin’s phone call was played again. The recording contained the sound of opening and closing the pendant along with the two people’s secret conversation, and in light of this, it was possible to guess that Jiwoong and Eunmin had hidden something inside the pendant.

At this time, Soo-hyeon came to Seon-yul and told her that the tablet Eun-min mentioned was Geon-woo’s. Seonyul opened her mother’s necklace pendant with Suhyeon and found an SD card behind the photo. It contained a record of the pawn shop where Geon-wu’s tablet was entrusted, and Soo-hyun ran straight to the pawnshop to find Geon-wu’s tablet and returned home. And before long, Su-hyeon and Seon-yul faced the heartbreaking truth of that day.

In the tablet, the entire story was recorded, from the moment Gun-woo left home to the situation after the accident, but surprisingly, it was Kim Jun, not Ji-woong, who hit Gun-woo with the car. To cover up his drunken accident, Kim Jun called Ji Woong to switch drivers and killed Geon Woo, who was still alive, to silence him because he saw his face. In addition, it was revealed that Ji-woong asked Kim Jun for his son Seon-yul’s life and murdered Geon-woo instead of Kim Jun. The play ended with Soo-hyeon and Seon-yul falling into indescribable shock after facing such a terrible truth.

On this day’s broadcast, another shocking incident occurred. Go-eun (Won Mi-kyung) showed strange behavior, as if she had lost her mind and returned to the way she was before Geon-woo died. While Yuri (Lim Se-mi), who finally noticed this, was away to contact Soo-hyeon, Go-eun disappeared. Mistaking her for missing Geon-woo, Go-eun wandered around her neighborhood and suddenly panicked, adding to her shock.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Wonderful World’ is a human mystery drama in which Eun Soo-hyun, who personally punished the murderer who killed her son, uncovers the mysterious secrets surrounding that day. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM. You can also watch it on Disney+.

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