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(The Guru = Reporter Kim Eun-bi) The concept image of a table-shaped speaker developed by LG Electronics through industry-academia cooperation has been released. It is a new form created by combining audio equipment with everyday furniture.

According to the industry on the 6th, LG Electronics unveiled the table-type speaker ‘Verre’ through industry-academia cooperation with Korea Design Membership+ (KDM+). Release date is undecided.

KDM+ is a designer training project run by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion to foster excellent design personnel with the practical capabilities required by companies.

Ver is a sound device designed considering the lifestyle of users in a daily living room environment. It has the appearance of a typical sofa-type glass table. It is a form of applying existing cylindrical wireless speakers to the four legs of a table. It has a minimalist design and also serves as an interior accessory. There are two colors: white and black.

Ber also has high usability. It is both a sofa table and functions as a high-quality sound system. Users can enjoy a variety of functions such as watching TV, listening to music, and table functions with this device. It is also equipped with a sensor that responds to hand movements. Users can easily adjust the volume through the sensor.

An industry insider said, “LG’s will to innovate audio devices stands out,” and added, “We are looking forward to seeing LG Electronics leap forward as a home entertainment electronics company by integrating speakers into everyday furniture.”

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