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How do you deal with it?

question I became interested in studying the mind after watching a video of a great monk on YouTube. But when you say to manage everything, how should you manage everything?

answer Oneness is oneness since one came into this world and is now returning to peace moment by moment. Just as the other person exists because the self exists, and the universe exists because the other person exists. They are not two things because everything is working together. That’s why we say ‘all, all’. So now I am saying, ‘Let everything go and deal with it.’

I’m not asking you to do it for me, I’m what you formed and you’ve driven me through billions of light years. I evolved it. formed it So, you are the one who leads me and carry me, and you are the one who makes me think every word, every thought, and every action, so it is up to me to let go of whatever comes out of it. So, if you leave it to yourself, whether you sit or stand, self-control is not somewhere else, but self-control is where you sit. When we first know self and Buddha, all the consciousness and life within our hearts will be in harmony. It is said that if you know how to treat your own land first, you can become a Bodhisattva and know that other people’s land is not the same as your own. That is why it is said to be governed.

So, my coming into this world was the beginning, and my coming into this world is the topic. However, even the hwadu was said to be emptiness, color is emptiness, and emptiness is color. In addition, if you take someone else’s hwadu and say, ‘What is this?’ because? It worked in the past, but now there are so many things we all know off the top of our heads. Astrophysics, science, geography, medicine, astronomy, etc. are all known in the head, so they don’t work. Holding a bowl of rice someone else gave you, you ask, ‘What is this?’ If you have this, you are empty and empty, so why bother holding it for fear of being cut off?

Also, if you focus on yourself when doing zazen, that may sound the same, but if you do zazen while moving outward, that is worse than not doing it at all. because? Now, time and space are transcended, and all the vortices are spinning in an instant. The Earth spins, the planets spin, the universe spins, people spin, and the human mind spins and is not fixed. Even if you sit in zazen for 8 hours a day, it only lasts for 5 minutes. The reason it’s not as good as what I’ve done is because people say it’s about when people meditate, so they pick up a topic and try hard for fear of breaking it and ask, ‘What is this?’ I know that what I do is what I care about. In an age where new water comes in and old water is discharged, if we leave that water alone, it’s like we’re just using that rotten water.

That’s why it was like that in the past. The wise men say, “Do not open your eyes upward, nor look down, but look down at the tip of your nose and contemplate very orderly.” When you say this, what does it mean? Open your eyes wide and look out at the world. And look up and look down, right in the middle, center, and look at everything straight from the middle.

But we don’t do it that way. Maybe it’s because I know so much these days, but it causes confusion. I only listen to what other people say. The Buddha did not ask us to believe in the body of the Buddha, even if the Buddha was here. I believe and follow those words, and what I really believe is that the Buddha’s heart is in my heart because it is always in my heart. So, instead of looking at material things, try to penetrate your own heart first to penetrate the mind.

To do that, first, abandon me and my existence. Instead of throwing it away, leave it to me. Let go of your stubbornness. That’s why. Is there anything that has remained fixed throughout your life? Have you heard anything? Is there anything else you want to say? Are there any comings and goings? Is eating fixed? Nothing is fixed. But automatically, when you meet this person, your thoughts, actions, and words come out as you meet this person, and when you meet that person, your thoughts, actions, and words come out as you meet that person. What is the reason for that? So where is me? When I meet someone, can I say I met them? So, they say that what is not a Buddha is a Buddha. That is why it is said to be governed.

If I don’t even know what people’s hearts are about, how can I discover myself and how can I dissolve my habit, how can I live and breathe with all living things, including life and death, the universe, and the great heavens? How do we know that the house of the body, the house of the Great Heavenly World, and the magnanimity are not two? So, in order to guide you in the way of knowing, I tell you to start by knowing yourself.

So you have to really trust yourself first and foremost, the self that is dragging you along. Second, everything will be done from there, so trust and leave it there. Third, since I can’t do anything outside of that, as soon as it comes, if I get sick, I will become a doctor, that is, a pharmacist. If you are poor, you will become a custom. So, to put it briefly, within the Buddha’s mind, the one mind, all living beings in my body are reconciled and the Bodhisattva emerges as an incarnation of billions of billions of billions of incarnations. He goes out through the pores and goes out, saving all living beings, jumping into life and death. Just as a father jumps into life and death for his child. So sentient beings and Buddha are not two.

So, if we think more broadly, if we leave everything to ourselves and believe in what comes out of us, without being distracted, if we observe and experience each and every thing as it comes, we will eat the fruit and return home.

I want to overcome the fear of disease

question All humans have a attachment to the body, and it seems difficult to overcome fear and anxiety about various diseases. I want to live confidently without fear, no matter what illness comes my way. Please give me a word from Whip.

answer If the root of our mind is the root, then the sprout is the body. These shoots survive entirely due to their roots. Because the roots are formed, they absorb all the moisture, moisture, and iron and send out energy. This is automatic. So, this body that comes out absorbs the air force and solar power and sends it down. In other words, it is as if the veins and arteries in our body are interconnected.

But what it means is that you have to trust your roots and say, ‘Root, please absorb this much energy and send it back.’ It’s no different than doing it. Because I know its purpose very well. This is because the roots know very well what the sprouts are thinking. Because it is directly connected.

However, if one of your bodies falls down, you just go crazy. Hehehe. Calmly say, ‘If you want to kill, kill, but if you want to live, save! You are the one who saves, and you are the one who kills. When it’s time to die, both children and adults die, but you are the one who makes them die and you are the one who makes them live, so do it yourself!’ And just like that, if you’re not afraid of dying, everyone does it, but those empty hands and empty feet are just all energy being released. Only then can all the consciousness in the body be activated and heal, but this quickly becomes ‘Oh my, the main character!’ Then I quickly thought, ‘Oh my gosh, what should I do about this?’ And I’m calling someone and looking for someone, huh, so I just… .

For example, if you have a mind, you are watching, watching. If you have a problem, can it be done without going to a lawyer and asking for it? Isn’t it? And even if there are wrongs and good things, can things be done without even talking to each other? If I leave the rice uncooked, will it become just rice? If you don’t put rice in and turn on the switch, you’re just protecting the rice container. Hehehe. It’s like that. For example, a lawyer expects the number of cases to come, but the number of cases does not come, so he is watching. It’s like that. Is there anything you do without thinking about it? What does an invoice do?

However, the captain before making up his mind, the captain of the mind, knows very well what is bad and what is good. I know very well how you feel before you make a decision. You shouldn’t do this and it’s okay to do this, and because you know these things so well, you’re worthy of being a captain. That is why they are called claimants. Yes, if you become a captain and combine all those consciousnesses, and always include them like this and roll them as one, if you roll them as one with the main character, all the living beings will be transformed into Bodhisattvas, Ksitigarbha, Yaksha, Earth Gods, Dragon Gods, etc. I am reconciled with absolutely nothing. When they are reconciled, no matter what kind of person or animal it is, if electrons and electrons are combined together instead of being two, it becomes just me.

So, saying that the Buddha becomes a body means that no matter what form the Buddha has, once he enters it, he takes on that form. If you enter a pig, you become a pig, if you enter a human, you become a human, and if you enter an insect, you become an insect, so nothing is impossible. So there is nothing that is not me. “When something becomes something, it cannot be called me; it is Buddha.” It’s like this.

This mind is infinite. Now, when scientists talk about it, it goes from an atom to a particle, to an elementary particle, to a molecule, to an atom again, rising and falling, rising and falling, etc. Now. So, what the Buddha said and what he says now, with a change of terminology, are the same.

So, use your mind as much as you can. ‘I’m just a sentient being and I’m not good enough, so I have no power.’ Don’t think like this. It is all directly connected to the universe, it is hypothesized, and all the resources that can be used according to the purpose are given to me. Since I am based on the exponential painting style, I am given energy that can be used for any purpose.

If there is no exponential wind, energy cannot be released and there is nothing. However, because I am in the exponential painting style, I live in the exponential painting style, and everything is in the exponential painting style. Because we live in the exponential style, all that energy is given to us. So, all things and all living beings communicate automatically and by will, so all things and even when an individual tweets a tweet, they all follow, assuming that is what is being said. When we say we should gather, we gather, when we say we should disperse, we disperse, and when we say let’s go because there is food over there, we go, and so on.

So, the mind has no limits. Therefore, first of all, the most urgent thing for us right now is to use our minds so broadly, and to use that expansive mind… , I always tell you. When something bad comes in, ‘You are the one who brought in the bad, so you are the one who lets the good come in.’ and leave it there. Also, when people come in because things are going well, they say, ‘Ah, thank you so much.’ Put it there and feel what you are doing. That way, what was previously input to the computer disappears and new information keeps coming out.

While practicing meditation, I see a vision.

question When you sit down to meditate, you may sometimes see a vision, but even when that happens, you can just let it go, right?

answer Whatever you see, whatever object you see, everything must be put back in its place. Since you yourself do not know why it is that way, you have to put it back there and calmly experiment to find out where and how that principle came from. That is Zen. Whatever comes out, whether you see a Buddha, a sentient being, or a madman, put everything back in its place.

If you leave behind whatever comes your way in your daily life, it is Zen. So, there is nothing that is not Zen. A dream is a dream, a waking life is a dream, and all kinds of living are just idle thoughts and Zen.

There is a story like this. You probably know everything. At a certain temple, when they were making red bean porridge on the winter solstice day, the red bean porridge was boiling and droplets of red bean porridge were rising, so they stirred it with a spatula and said, “This is Munsu, that is Munsu!” “This is Munsu, and this is Munsu!” And he hit it. But just think about what is called ‘munsu’. You just think that you hit the red bean porridge bell in the red bean porridge pot with a spatula. There are not many people who think, ‘This is also from the main character, that from the main character, and this from the main character.’ Hitting the red bean porridge pot like that with a spatula means that the red bean porridge pot is your body, and what comes out as droplets of red bean porridge are the billions of consciousnesses contained within, and you are releasing them.

Depending on how you lived in the past, that is to say, whether it was bad or good karma, you created it and came out of it as a result of your own fusion, so what comes out of it cannot be viewed differently. Whether it appears as an illusion, a circle, a Buddha, a beauty, a faun, an inanimate object, or anything else, it is all a drop coming out of a pot of red bean porridge, so to speak, everything comes from my body. Since it comes out, if you put it back in its place, watch it, experiment with it, and experience it, that is true Zen.

I always say this. How can I delete what was recorded on a cassette tape? If you record the cassette tape again, all previous recordings will be lost. Yes?

So, as I said about the red bean porridge bowl earlier, ‘my body is a bowl of red bean porridge, and everything that happens in reality due to bad karma and good karma is like a drop of red bean porridge.’ So, if you put everything back in its place, everything recorded on the cassette tape will seem to disappear.

I did my best for my family…

question I think I did my best for my husband and children, but my husband scolds me and my children just do what they want and don’t pay attention to what I say. I guess I lived wrong. There are times when the disappointment is so great that I don’t want to live.

answer Even though we live as husband and wife, and as children, it feels like my children are worse than other people’s children, and so I get angry sometimes, and I say to my husband, ‘Gosh, even if I live my whole life, why can’t I be like other people and live happily?’ If you expect something like that, it’s all greed. Also, because the wife is displeased, the husband thinks it is greed. When people meet, they meet each other, they live together for a short period of time to get rid of that appearance, and it’s all bad and good, so what’s the point of doing this?

All of this is greed. There are many people who make mistakes while trying to make more money, many people who make mistakes when they sign up for guarantees to make more money, and many people who try to collect more interest on their money but cannot even make ends meet. These problems are not just one or two. That’s why I get sick because I can’t control my mind. How many diseases are caused by greed? So, control it and leave it there.

Are you all living in this world, or will someone else come and live in this world? There is nothing left to live for. There is no one to eat for you, sleep, poop, get sick, die, etc. There is no one to do this for you. Think carefully about why, in this family, instead of saying, ‘Trust in the Buddha,’ they tell you to do everything to yourself and to believe in yourself. Would you rather believe in a name, a form, or empty space? And no matter how much he is a Buddha, even if a living Buddha is here, he cannot be trusted with that piece of meat.

You need to do this first. Even if there are problems right now, whether small or big, that are blocking you, don’t be fooled, leave everything there, watch, observe, experience, and try this. Everything is put there, and all the ten thousand laws are put in and presented only there, so it can only be resolved there and only there it works.

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