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(Today’s Steam) Battle pass backlash, Tekken 8 negative reviews increase rapidly
2024.04.08 16:47 Game Mecca Reporter Park Jae-hyung

▲ Tekken 8 evaluations are falling after the introduction of the new battle pass system (Photo source: Game Steam page)

Criticism of Tekken 8, which was well received by Steam users since its release, is increasing. In addition to existing problems, complaints about the newly introduced Tekken Fight Pass have poured in, leading to a drop in user ratings to ‘mixed’ over the past 30 days.

On the 2nd, Eddie Gold entered the war as a new character in Tekken 8, and at the same time, a new ‘Tekken Fight Pass’ was added. This is a battle pass system introduced for the first time in Tekken. You can obtain items by completing daily or weekly missions and leveling up through online competition. If you purchase the premium pass, you can also obtain Tekken Coins, and since the introduction of the settled Tekken Fight Pass, the recent user rating has dropped to ‘mixed’ (3,178 participants, 60% positive).

In the review, it is pointed out that avatar customization items are also included in the list of items that can be received through leveling up the battle pass, and that the items that allow character customization are of poor quality and that mods cannot be used. In addition, in the case of premium, even buyers of expensive editions have to purchase them again for a fee, but voices of dissatisfaction are growing because items such as spheres that are not related to customization are included in the rewards.

In addition, the netcode that corrects ping differences between users has not been improved at all, and matching balance issues have been raised. Criticism is growing more and more due to the Tekken Fight Pass, which leaves areas that need to be resolved.

▲ The Tekken Fight Pass system was added on the 2nd (Photo source: Game Steam page)
▲ The evaluation standard after 2 days is ‘generally negative’ (Photo source: Game Steam page)

Meanwhile, among the world’s best-selling products on Steam, The Elder Scrolls Online and Planet Zoo, which were on a 75% discount, ranked 3rd and 6th, respectively, and Hearts of Iron 4, which offered an 80% sale and free weekly play, ranked 10th.

▲ TOP 10 best-selling products worldwide on Steam as of 4 PM on April 8 (Data source: Steam)
(This ranking is based on a US IP connection to display games that are not exposed in Korea)

In the TOP 20 highest concurrent users per day, Helldivers 2, which destroyed the Automaton and announced the release of new war bonds, rose to 5th place with 345,188 people. After the new raid boss update, the number of concurrent users in Pal World doubled to 126,026.

▲ Top 20 highest daily concurrent users on Steam as of April 8, 4 p.m. (Data source: Steam)

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