"too many panties". Is top model Han Hye-jin also worried about ‘smashing her dad’s back’? – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

Photo source = YouTube ‘Han Hye-jin’

(Sports Chosun Reporter Lee Jeong-hyuk) “There are too many panties.”

Photo source = YouTube ‘Han Hye-jin’

It’s a level that even top models have to worry about. Han Hye-jin’s no-pants look was so shockingly revealing that people were worried about ‘smashing her dad’s back’.

Photo source = YouTube ‘Han Hye-jin’

Hyejin Han reported the Milan fashion scene through her channel and Instagram.

Han Hye-jin recently released a video on her YouTube channel ‘Han Hye-jin’ titled ‘*Milan Behind-the-scenes* Han Hye-jin’s heartbreaking story from her fashion week trip revealed for the first time. Miwoosae, Dolce & Gabbana, top model’s main business moment’.

He attended Milan Fashion Week last February at the invitation of luxury brands and said, “I will now take a flight to Helsinki instead of Milan. We have to stop by this time. Direct tickets to the 2024 F/W Fashion Week are sold out. I am tired.” He said.

Han Hye-jin, who arrived at Helsinki Airport 16 hours later due to a flight delay, arrived in Milan after many twists and turns and confessed, “I’m finally getting out of the airport. I feel like I’m dying. It was so hard. I don’t think I’ll be able to transit because I’m old.”

After arriving at the accommodation, Han Hye-jin changed her clothes and went to the brand headquarters for a fitting. He said, “It’s raining and gloomy in Milan. I can’t be this gloomy. And it’s so cold. I’m freezing to death trying to look cool. I can’t feel my legs. And this fitting is to decide what clothes to wear to the filming set the day after tomorrow. So I tried out various clothes. “I think I will wear it,” he said.

When asked by the staff, “Do you know what kind of outfit fitting you do?” Han Hye-jin said, “roughly. Because I’m going to F/W wearing clothes from last S/S season, I’m going to wear one of the clothes from the collection.” “But I’m in big trouble. Panties.” “There are too many. They’re all panties. What should I do?” I was worried.

In response, the staff asked, “Wouldn’t it be a slap in the face if your mother sees it?” and Han Hye-jin was worried, saying, “I’m not worried about my mother, I’m worried about my father. My father doesn’t have an account and doesn’t know how to watch, but my friends say they send it to me like that.”

just as expected(?). The outfit Han Hye-jin showed off at the Fashion Week event was a bold black pantsless look. However, she wore a see-through trench coat on top, showing the sense to avoid excessive exposure.

Also, in the photoshoot from the photoshoot that was recently released on her personal account, her outfit was also in a no-pants look. This also has a completely different feel from the event venue above, but it also attracted attention by emphasizing its unique personality with a large, see-through white dot dress. Reporter Lee Jeong-hyuk [email protected]

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