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TSMC production disruption due to Gangjin… K-Semiconductor’s expected profits


The damage suffered by TSMC, the world’s No. 1 semiconductor contract manufacturing company, due to the strong earthquake that struck Taiwan appears to have been greater than expected.

As Taiwan’s existing geopolitical risks overlap with natural disaster concerns, some predict that domestic semiconductor companies will benefit.

This is reporter Kim Jong-ryeok.


Founded in 1987, TSMC is a Taiwanese national corporation and a global semiconductor manufacturer.

It is a semiconductor consignment production and foundry company that makes semiconductors ordered by customers, and its customers include major American big tech companies such as Apple and NVIDIA.

TSMC’s global foundry market share in the fourth quarter of last year was a whopping 61.2%. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics’ market share was 11.3%.

However, it appears that the damage suffered by TSMC due to the recent earthquake in Taiwan is greater than expected.

TSMC said, “All major equipment, including extreme ultraviolet exposure equipment, was not damaged,” but “some production lines may take time to resume production.”

There are also predictions that domestic semiconductor companies will benefit from disruptions in TSMC’s production at a time when the semiconductor industry is recovering.

“(TSMC’s) major customers will feel the need to diversify and diversify their customer base little by little in order to diversify risk. There is also a possibility that this will serve as an opportunity for Samsung to secure and increase its customer base with large customers.”

There is a possibility that TSMC customers will turn their attention to Samsung Electronics as concerns about natural disasters add to the geopolitical risk caused by the conflict with China.

This is Kim Jong-ryeok of Yonhap News TV.

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