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The weekly ranking is a section that examines which games have received attention from users over the past week through rankings based on mobile game Google Play.

Let’s take a look at which games are selected by users in the first week of April 2024 (April 1, 2024 – April 7, 2024) and what new releases or updates are worth noting.

Supercell’s ‘Brawl Stars’ ranked 9th in Google Play sales with an update adding a new mode ‘Competition’ and two new brawlers ‘Angelo’ and ‘Melody’.

‘Competitive Battle’ is a new mode that is introduced instead of the existing ‘Power League’ disappearing. The competitive season period changes approximately every month to match the Brawl Pass season period, and every season, all players’ ranks are reset to Bronze I. You will receive a rank boost until you reach the previous season’s achievement rank. It can only be used at power level 9 or higher, and rank points are earned or lost depending on the match results.

In competitive matches, a total of four modes are activated, including the classic mode and three additional modes unique to each season, and will be replaced with new additional modes through rotation every time a new season comes.

The sniper hero brawler ‘Angelo’ attacks with arrows that deal more damage the longer he aims, and has the ability to move on water. ‘Melody’ is a mythical brawler in the Assassin role. It fires monster notes from a microphone to damage enemies. When it hits an enemy, the damaging notes will hover around the melody for a certain period of time. Special attacks cause the melody to change when used. You can dash a short distance up to 3 times.

‘Trophy Escape’ was also added as a new season game mode. Trophy Escape Mode, introduced as a solo mode, is a solo battle between 10 players, and is a mode where you have to survive by collecting as many trophies as possible while fighting.

A PLUS Japan’s ‘Street Fighter: Duel’, featuring singer Kim Jong-kook as a promotional model, was officially released on April 4 and ranked second in Google Play’s popularity rankings.

You can select your preferred fighter and level up and grow them through the character system. The sensibilities of the original were recreated by reproducing the original’s battlefields, including the airport, public bathhouse, and Hong Kong’s night streets, and the mobile visual effects were upgraded to make them more realistic and vivid.

In addition, the gameplay has been optimized for mobile devices and modes such as training grounds and stadiums have been introduced, and systems such as automatic continuous hitting and ‘Ex-Move’ have been added so that anyone can easily enjoy it.

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