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Many games are released on Steam every day. There are so many that it is difficult to find the pearl buried in the mud. In the (Weekly Steam New Releases) corner, we introduce new games released over the past week that have received favorable reviews in both evaluation and market response. The criteria are a Steam user rating of ‘very positive (80% positive)’ or higher, and a maximum of 1,000 concurrent users.

New games released on Steam in the third week of April often received poor reviews or were not enjoyed by many users. Only three titles, fewer than usual, received both favorable reviews and attention. When categorized by genre, one is a cooperative survival shooter and the other two are dating simulations. ‘Sker Ritual’ has been refined through a long period of early access, and many users are playing it with the official release. Both ‘Bunny Garden’ and ‘Altusica for Scoopa’ were well received for their short playtime, unique concept, and voice acting.

Sker Ritual (27,000 won)

Sker Ritual is the sequel to the horror adventure game ‘Made of Sker’ released in 2020, and began early access in 2022 and was officially released on the 18th. The game is a cooperative survival shooter genre and is played in a wave format similar to ‘Left for Dead’ and ‘Killing Floor’. Players must defeat waves of bizarre enemies, earn money, equip and upgrade their weapons, and survive as long as possible. The game has recorded ‘very positive’ user reviews (82% positive), and many have praised the great pleasure of wiping out enemies. However, some point out that the mission and destination descriptions are overly unfriendly.

▲ A cooperative survival shooter where you fight against waves of enemies (photo source: Steam store page)
▲ Sker Ritual official launch trailer (Video source: Wales Interactive official YouTube channel)

BUNNY GARDEN (27,000 won)

A new dating simulation from Curiate, a developer that makes games for gentlemen, was surprisingly released on the 19th. The game tells the story of the protagonist, who was cut from his job, accidentally meets Bunny Garden employee Kana and, at her invitation, heals her heartache at her bar. You can earn money on weekdays, and on the weekends, you can increase your favorability by drinking with employees at the bar or playing mini games. As it is a Curiate title, many people say that the event CG is abundant, and some users said that it reminded them of the dating simulation game ‘Dream Club’. Unfortunately, Korean is not officially supported yet.

▲ Bunny Garden official trailer (Video source: Curiate official YouTube channel)

Altushka for Scoopa (Альтушка для скуфа, 5,600 won)

A new visual novel with the theme of a somewhat miserable life was released on the 21st. In Russian, skupa is a derogatory term for an overweight, thin-haired man who doesn’t care about his appearance, and altuska is a derogatory term for a woman who expresses her individuality through gothic fashion, heavy eye makeup, and flashy hair color. . The game deals with the story of a single character in his 40s, Scoopa, dating Altusica provided by the government. A total of three heroines appear: Ksushya, Nastya, and Alice, and both the main characters and women are fully voice dubbed. The average play time is 2 hours and there are 5 endings. Unfortunately, only Russian is supported.

▲ Artusica trailer for Scoopa (Video source: Vitali Teletsky official YouTube channel)

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