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(Star Daily News = Reporter Seo Taeyang) The results of an analysis of interest by gender and age regarding the popular trend Dune 2 cookies conducted by Rankify on April 5th are attracting attention.

The chart showing the daily change in Dune 2 cookies obtained through this analysis vividly reveals how interest in Dune 2 cookies has changed by gender and age group.

In particular, a survey of gender interest in Dune 2 cookies showed that men showed a higher interest at a rate of 50%, revealing gender differences in this popular keyword.

keyword male female
Dune 2 Cookies 50% 50%

In addition, a survey on preferences by age showed that interest was 40% among those in their 20s, and it was confirmed that it was especially popular among those in their 20s.

The distribution of interest in Dune 2 cookies by age is a result of analyzing the vast amount of big data collected by Rankify, and through this, it is possible to understand the overall social interest and preference for Dune 2 cookies.

keyword teenager 20’s 30s 40s 50s
Dune 2 Cookies 4% 40% 39% 14% 4%

In addition, Rankify’s interest survey by age group shows that related search terms such as Dune 2 cookie video, Dune 2 no cookie, are there Dune 2 cookies, and is there a Dune 2 cookie video are receiving high attention, indicating a trend related to keywords of interest Dune 2 cookies. It provides interesting insights into what direction it is developing.

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