Will Kang Kyung-jun break his silence on ‘suspicion of affair’?… Failed to settle lawsuit over ‘incestuous man’ – Segye Ilbo VRESP

Actors Jang Shin-young (36, left) and Kang Gyeong-jun (40/Photo = Segye Ilbo file photo)

Actor Kang Kyung-jun failed to reach an agreement with Mr. A, who filed an incest lawsuit.

According to a Star News report on the 4th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Affairs 103-3 Exclusive (Mediation) made a mediation disagreement decision (inappropriate mediation) on the 2nd in relation to the damages lawsuit filed by Mr. A against Kang Kyung-jun.

Originally, the court was scheduled to hold a mediation day (a system where the plaintiff and defendant meet and resolve disputes through mediation rather than trial) for Kang Kyung-jun’s incestuous relationship lawsuit on the 17th, but Mr. A filed a notice of non-attendance on January 29. submitted and stated that there was no intention to reach an agreement. Accordingly, Kang Kyung-jun and Mr. A are expected to enter into a formal lawsuit.

Previously, Mr. A submitted a ‘lawsuit transfer application’ to the court ahead of mediation on the 27th of last month. According to the legal community, when ‘transfer of litigation’ is requested in an incest-related lawsuit, there is usually a high possibility that a divorce lawsuit will be filed between the parties and their spouses. The interpretation is that this is to change the litigation jurisdiction to efficiently proceed with both business-related lawsuits and divorce lawsuits at the same time. Speculation was raised as to whether Mr. A and his wife had begun divorce proceedings in the aftermath of the affair controversy.

Meanwhile, Kang Kyung-jun was sued by Mr. A for alimony worth 50 million won in December last year. Mr. A said at the time, “Kang Kyung-jun intervened in a family as an incestuous man and virtually destroyed the family. Kang Kyung-jun caused a great shock to the public by claiming, “Mr. B (Mr. A’s wife) committed cheating on her even though he knew she was married.”

Photo = Jang Shin-young Social Network Service (SNS)

At the time the controversy arose, Kang Kyung-jun’s agency refuted, saying, “There is a possibility of misunderstanding each other,” but after reports of private conversations between Kang Kyung-jun and Mr. B, including “I love you” and “I miss you,” they said, “The company wanted to confirm However, he said, “There is nothing I can answer about because it is related to my private life,” and “As this incident occurred, we have decided to stop discussions on extending the exclusive contract until the incident is resolved.”

Kang Kyung-jun has remained silent, deleted his social media, and has not revealed his position since the news of the accusation broke.

Previously, Kang Kyung-jun married Jang Shin-young, whom he met through the drama ‘Thorn Flower’ (2013), after five years of dating. In the process, Jang Shin-young embraced her eldest son, born with her ex-husband in 2006, and appeared on KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’ with her second son, born in 2019, impressing viewers by showing the harmony between her family. It has been done.

As such, it is said that the suspicion of his affair not only shocked the public but also Jang Shin-young, who shed tears for a while.

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