‘10 Million Fairy’ Oh Dal-su “I think the three years I spent in Geoje were a time of recharge – Herald Economy VRESP

‘10 Million Fairy’ Oh Dal-su “I think the three years I spent in Geoje were a time of recharge.”

(YouTube channel ‘PDC’)

(Herald Economy = Reporter Lee Myung-soo) Actor Oh Dal-soo recalled the three years he was forced to take a gap year after being caught up in the #MeToo trend.

On the 16th, Oh Dal-su said on the YouTube channel ‘PDC’ that he stayed in Geoje after the #MeToo report, saying, “I felt like I was resting after falling. It was a good time and it was like a dream. In some ways, it was a difficult time, but I never think it was a time of hardship for me. “It was a time of recharging,” he confessed. “When we were talking about the project, saying it was a good idea, I said to my manager, ‘If I didn’t sign a contract, wouldn’t it be okay if I didn’t do it? It would be too difficult.’ Then, not long after, something like that happened,” he recalled.

In February 2018, without any police investigation or clear evidence, it was reported in the media that a fellow actor was the perpetrator of sexual harassment 20 years ago. He left tvN’s ‘My Mister’ and stopped all his activities. In August of the following year, the internal investigation was closed without any investigation due to the expiration of the statute of limitations on the case. In November 2020, more than three years later, he returned to the movie ‘My Neighbor’, and this year, he is scheduled to appear in Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’.

Oh Dal-su said, “The words have become seeds, but it was a very precious time for me. I’m afraid of what would have happened if I hadn’t broken back then and kept going. It was a time when my stock price was rising, so I enjoyed everything I could as a supporting actor. Good works, directors, leading roles, etc. “We’ve worked together for quite some time, and there are few lucky actors like me,” he explained. He said, “I try to comfort myself by thinking that I may have become arrogant, damaged my health, or that the audience may have become tired.”

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