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SK Telecom will hold the ‘SK Telecom Open 2024’ golf tournament at SK Pinx GC in Jeju until the 19th. At this tournament, SKT will introduce ‘A.Golf’, an AI broadcasting service that utilizes the company’s AI capabilities, for the first time. We looked at services that combine SKT’s AI and golf broadcasting technology, such as AI Caster, AI Highlight, and AI Swing, and looked into how AI was applied to tournament broadcasting.

A shot that breaks through Jeju’s headwind, KPGA SK Telecom Open 2024

The ‘SK Telecom Open’ is a major golf tournament in the tradition of the Korea Professional Golf Tour (KPGA) that has been held consistently from the 1st tournament in 1997 to the 27th tournament this year, except for 2020. It has shared the history of the development of Korean men’s golf by producing many legendary players, including Choi Kyung-ju, Bae Sang-moon, Park Sang-hyun, and Kim Bio.

This tournament, which opened on the 16th and runs until the 19th, includes Korea’s leading golf legends Choi Kyung-ju and Kim Han-byeol, Baek Seok-hyun, winner of the 2023 tournament, and Kim Bio, who is challenging the record for most wins at the SK Telecom Open (3 wins). KPGA A total of 144 players participated, including 130 seeded players and 14 recommended and invited players.

Combination of golf broadcasting and AI technology, A. Golf

SKT has introduced various golf broadcasting services using AI at the SK Telecom Open tournament. In 2019, a 5GX wireless live broadcast without a broadcaster was introduced, and in 2021, a golf live broadcast combining live action and AI metaverse was introduced. In the 2023 competition, golf live broadcast was upgraded to the next level through golf commentary by ‘AI Choi Gyeong-ju’, and ‘ It has added to the fun of watching.

You can use Adot Golf’s features through an update distributed in time for the opening of the tournament.

In this tournament, SKT will combine golf broadcasting and AI through various functions of ‘A. Golf’ and allow broadcast viewers to watch the game with more immersion.

The biggest feature of the newly upgraded Adot Golf is ‘AI Caster‘ It’s a function. At the bottom of Adot Golf’s broadcast screen, AI provides previous records and game prediction data of the player currently being broadcast. In addition, AI Trivia is provided so you can easily check major news, weather, golf trivia, and gossip related to the game.

AI Highlights‘The function has also been upgraded. Voice commentary for key scenes and shot clips, which were provided segmentally in existing AI highlight videos, is automatically created by AI through analysis of highlight shot videos, and AI highlights are linked with Adot Golf’s scorecard to provide commentary for each hole. It is provided so that you can view major game scenes.

In addition, AI produces a short vertical video of each player’s teaching, putting, and approach moments to make it easier to watch on mobile.AI Shorts‘, You can analyze your favorite player’s swing posture by automatically extracting and replaying only the tee shot swing section to make it easy to see how players swing.AI swing‘The function can also be checked through Adot Golf.

Also, in the 16th, 17th, and 18th holes of this tournament, ‘Adot Corner‘ is operated. Here, all 144 players passing through the hole are filmed and all player highlights are provided. A. Corner is a separate broadcast channel and will be broadcast live exclusively on the main broadcast channel and A. Golf. SKT plans to apply Adot Golf’s various functions to all KPGA and KLPGA games following this tournament.

Meanwhile, the ‘AI Choi Kyung-ju One Point Lesson’ system operated at Gallery Plaza during the last competition was also upgraded. Swing analysis feedback has increased from 40 to 200, and AI Choi Kyung-joo’s voice and appearance have also been updated. In addition, Golfzon GDR technology is linked to provide more detailed lessons.

ESG management through sports, SK Telecom Charity Open 2024

On the 15th, a day before this tournament, the charity golf tournament ‘SK Telecom Charity Open 2024’ was held as a pre-tournament prior to the main tournament. Prominent golf stars including Choi Kyeong-ju, comedian Lee Kyung-gyu, known as a golf enthusiast, baseball legend Yoon Seok-min, three-time KPGA winner Kim Han-byul, and golf trainer and creator Sim Jjang (Seo-jun Shim) formed a team of two. SK Telecom Charity Open 2024, held for the third time this year, was held in a way that participating players competed in each hole for a total prize of 50 million won.

스포츠 ESG 행사로 거듭나는 SK텔레콤 오픈_01

In addition, young people preparing for self-reliance in the Jeju region have been participating as facilitators for the fourth year in a row. The ‘Happy Buddy Fund’ accumulated by athletes in competitions is paid out as scholarships to young people preparing for self-reliance every year. In addition, SKT is taking the lead in practicing social values ​​through sports, such as consistently holding the ‘SKT Adaptive Open’ event in which golfers with developmental disabilities participate.

SKT plans to continue ESG management through sports by actively introducing the company’s AI technology to golf broadcasts to add fun to watching golf games and further practicing social values.

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