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Theft detection function (Photo: Google)

Theft detection function (Photo: Google)

(Digital Today AI Reporter) IT media The Verge reported on the 15th (local time) that Google introduced various security features by releasing the second beta version of Android 15.

First of all, the theft detection lock function is a function that automatically locks the screen when the phone moves abnormally, such as when someone suddenly snatches it. There’s also a feature that locks the screen when it detects an attempt to leave the network to prevent remote access.

Google also introduced a feature that allows you to remotely lock a stolen phone. You can lock your device by visiting and entering your phone number and security information.

Android 15 also adds new security features, including ‘Private Space’, which allows you to put apps and information in a separate, hidden area of ​​your phone that can be locked with a unique PIN.

These features will be available to phones running Android 10 or higher later this year, and Android 15 will be officially released this fall.

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