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(Seoul = News 1) Designer Kim Cho-hee = Results showed that former President Donald Trump won by a 4% point margin over U.S. President Joe Biden in a virtual matchup conducted ahead of the next U.S. presidential election. According to the American political media The Hill, in a public opinion poll released by Emerson University on the 22nd (local time), President Trump’s approval rating did not change compared to the previous survey (47%) conducted in October, while President Biden’s approval rating was 43%, 2. %p fell. Copyright (C) News1. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, redistribution, and use of AI learning are prohibited. /Photo = (Seoul = News 1) Designer Kim Cho-hee

Ahead of the US presidential election in November, current President Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, and former President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, agreed to hold two TV debates. According to the New York Times (NYT) on the 15th (local time), the two current and former presidents decided to hold two live-broadcast bilateral debates through CNN on June 27 and ABC News on September 10.

The NYT reported that although some details have not yet been confirmed, the two agreed to two discussions through social media (SNS) posts. The debate proposal on this day began in the morning when President Biden proposed his intention to proceed with a bilateral confrontation in early June.

Biden’s team argued that the debate needed to begin much earlier than the date proposed by the existing Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) so that voters would have a chance to evaluate the candidates before early voting begins in September. He also proposed holding the debate inside a TV studio, where microphones would automatically turn off when a speaker’s time limit elapses. Biden’s team proposed a format that would have a noisy audience with Trump or a mediation moderator without the participation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or a third-party candidate.

President Biden wrote on social media, “Donald. As you said, I’m ready to debate anytime, anywhere and the decision is yours.” Trump immediately responded, telling Fox News Digital, “I’m looking forward to being in beautiful Atlanta.” Afterwards, Trump again posted on his TruthSocial SNS, “I also accepted the ABC News debate.” Biden’s team said in response, “We will attend that event.”

Biden’s proposal for a bilateral debate appears to be a strategy to overcome the reality of being lagging in public opinion polls in battleground states. The goal is to achieve a comeback victory by winning the bilateral debate. In addition, Trump, who has recently been embroiled in various lawsuits, trials, and corruption charges, appears to have decided on a strategy to solidify his advantage by defending himself through debate.

Biden’s campaign chair, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, said she would not participate in the three debates proposed by the existing Commission on Presidential Debates. The three debates were scheduled for September 16, October 1, and October 9.

The Biden campaign is trying to remind voters why a majority ousted Trump in the 2020 election. In the first debate of 2020, then-President Trump cut off and pushed candidate Biden to the point where he could barely utter a word. An angry Biden finally told Trump to “shut up” and criticized him, saying, “This is too unpresidential.” In the days following that first debate, Trump’s poll numbers plummeted. The Trump camp believes that Biden will decline significantly after 2020 and that the problem will be revealed in the bilateral confrontation.

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