Chung Mong-gyu, elected to AFC executive committee… Despite public opinion about his resignation, his bid for a fourth term begins in earnest – VRESP

( Reporter Kang Dong-hoon = There have been constant voices of criticism calling for his resignation since last year, but Korea Football Association President Chung Mong-gyu does not seem to be paying much attention. Chairman Chung, who ran and was elected in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) executive committee election despite a flood of public opinion about his resignation, strongly expressed his will to run for a fourth consecutive term in the Korean Football Association president election to be held next year.

Chairman Chung was elected in the executive committee election held at the AFC general meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 16th (Korean time). Elections for executive committee members are conducted by repeating voting, eliminating those with the fewest votes until a candidate receives a majority of the votes. However, Chairman Chung ran alone as a member of the East Asia regional quota executive committee and was elected without a vote. Chairman Chung’s term of office is three years and is guaranteed until 2027.

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Chairman Chung, who had been away from the international diplomatic stage in 2019 when he was simultaneously defeated as a member of the FIFA council and vice president of the AFC, has officially returned to the international diplomatic stage. The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced the news of Chairman Chung’s election to the AFC Executive Committee, saying, “We will now be able to raise our voices on the direction and policies of Asian soccer and increase the influence of Korean soccer on the international soccer stage.”

However, the soccer world’s view of Chairman Chung’s election as AFC executive committee member is not positive. This is because, leaving aside the expectation that Korean soccer will be able to increase its influence on the international soccer stage if he becomes a member of the AFC executive committee, there are many questions as to whether Chairman Chung is using his position as a member of the AFC executive committee as a stepping stone to a fourth term as president of the Korea Football Association.

In fact, with Chairman Chung being elected as a member of the AFC executive committee this time, the possibility of a fourth term as president of the Korea Football Association has increased. According to the KFA Articles of Incorporation, in order to run for a fourth term or more, one must undergo deliberation by the Korea Sports Council’s Sports Fair Committee, and if one is qualified as an international sports executive, there is a high possibility of passing the deliberation. Chairman Chung, whose term as president of the Korea Football Association expires in January next year, is expected to run for a fourth consecutive term.

Last year, Chairman Chung attempted to pardon 100 soccer players, including match-fixers, but withdrew it in the face of public criticism. In the process of selecting former national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), he was suspected of arbitrarily appointing the former national soccer team coach without going through a proper process. were criticized together. Nevertheless, Chairman Chung only bowed his head for a moment and avoided taking responsibility.

At the 2023 AFC Asian Cup held in Qatar earlier this year, the national soccer team was eliminated in the semifinals after a series of poor performances, failing to win the title for the first time in 64 years. In addition, the issue of internal conflict within the team and controversy over KFA staff playing cards led to the issue of responsibility surrounding Chairman Chung emerging again. As expected, Chairman Chung was busy avoiding responsibility. They are keeping silent about the tragedy of failing to advance to the Olympic finals for the first time in 40 years.

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