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I view the standards of commercial and art films as macro and micro. I hate to schematize, but if I were to make an example and compare it to explain, if commercial films have ‘universal encouragement and punishment of evil’ as their theme, art films have ‘universal contradictions in ethics’ as their theme. Commercial films that show a macro perspective are direct and general, but art films that show a micro perspective are indirect and personal. If you show a bunch of bananas, you recognize it as a banana (macroscopic view), but if you show an enlarged cross section of a banana with the peel removed, you cannot easily infer that it is a banana (microscopic view). I’m not trying to say that one view is superior. It’s just that the purpose is different.

Crime City 4 is a commercial film. No one wants Sin City to talk about philosophical questions, social messages, or human contradictions. I just want big laughs and exciting action. But what if even the hearty laughter and exciting action are crude?

Maseokdo goes to catch the villain. The villains this time are Baek Chang-gi, who manages a private gambling site in the Philippines, and Jang Dong-cheol, who runs it. Jang Chen, who demanded 1 billion won for work, Kang Hae-sang, who demanded 500 million won as ransom, and Jang Dong-cheol, who earns hundreds of millions a day. Perhaps because they couldn’t handle the scale being too large, the story flows strangely.

First of all, the villains don’t seem too villain-like. Like Anton Chigurh in (No Country for Old Men), Jang Chen and Kang Hae-sang felt like a huge disaster. These two show brutality by brutally killing even unrelated citizens. However, Baek Chang-ki does not give the impression of a great evil.

Rather, when I saw them destroying their business premises to force a merger with another private site, I thought, ‘Huh? I also thought, ‘Is that person a good person?’ The evil that punishes evil, EJ, the Dark Knight. Of course, he killed a person in the first scene and seriously injured a worker in the second half, but I felt like those two scenes were just added out of necessity (I’ll explain why later). Jang Dong-cheol too I didn’t get the impression that he was a villain. Rather, he just seemed like a person who took advantage of human greed to make money. Moreover, his final fate could not be hidden from doubt. If he was going to die in vain like that, why did Baek Chang-ki endure it until now? Because Jang Dong-cheol instigated President Kwon? Did you feel betrayed because of that? Or is it because he can’t take it anymore? That said, Baek Chang-gi and Jang Dong-cheol’s emotions were not properly shown in the movie. So, when Jang Dong-cheol died, I think I felt more embarrassed than relieved. Jang Dong-cheol also couldn’t shake the feeling that he was simply consumed.

Maseokdo’s emotional line is also different from 1. In 1, the feeling of ‘I have to catch Jang Chen’ is heightened to ‘I want to catch Jang Chen’ due to the injury of the youngest detective (Kang Hong-seok).

Afterwards, after seeing Wang Oh’s grandfather, who runs a restaurant in Daerim-dong, and Wang Oh being injured, his emotions change to ‘Even if I die, I will catch Jang Chen.’

Because of that, I felt a great sense of catharsis when dealing with Jiang Chen in the bathroom. You finally got it. He wants me to make him a mug bowl. furthermore Korean-Chinese every to evil dismissive It is not, ‘bad ‘Korean-Chinese’ grasped korea police As a composition led the way also It was good. In Daerim-dong restaurant operating Korean-Chinese too Maseok Island have to protect will do citizen middle one Because it’s a name. At least Line and evil distinguish at the time, macroscopic visually That means I didn’t see it.

But in this Crime City 4, the emotional lines are blurred. I would say that it is expressed too macroscopically. The victim’s mother’s suicide, a co-worker’s injury, and a worker’s injury all felt like they were used as ‘material out of necessity.’ It feels like it was ‘used’ to bring out Maseokdo’s anger (and at the same time draw the audience’s anger). The graveyard visited belatedly after catching the culprit is also shown very briefly. The cut changes before the emotions are fully resolved. That cut is ‘Jang Soo’. The cut changes to a scene where Maseokdo is angry. I noticed this brief scene change.

‘Oh, I just spent it.’

But really, what is the importance of this in a commercial film? If the director or writer specifies, ‘This guy is a bad guy,’ we have to follow it without saying a word, and if they specify, ‘This is a sad scene,’ isn’t the role of the audience to be sad? Moreover, the number of viewers has already exceeded 10 million. This probably proves that things like the lack of plausibility and verisimilitude, and the poor quality of the story, are not very important elements in entertainment films. Even if it deals with real events.

Another problem is ‘laughter’. Maseokdo is a police officer. To become a police officer, you have to take a test. And, the test is very difficult. However, the intermittent gags make Maseokdo look like an idiot. And even that laugh is so crude. If you use a joke from a movie on a blind date, that blind date will most likely fail.

“Do you know what synchronization is? When I change my phone, my classmates come running and enter their phone numbers.”

You’ll be lucky if you don’t get hit in the face.

‘It’s just because Maseokdo’s character is funny.’

you’re right. It works because Masukdo’s character is funny. If it weren’t for the character Maseokdo, this movie would have been rated low for its story, plausibility, and humor. Because of that, while watching the movie, I felt like I was watching Maseokdo’s vlog rather than Crime City 4. Therefore, scenes where Masukdo does not appear are bound to be either provocative or boring.

What relieves Maseokdo’s burden is This is Jang Yi-su. If it weren’t for Jang Yi-soo, this movie would have really become Maseokdo’s vlog. In other words, this movie has no content other than the ‘characters’. Rather than the overall content of the movie, I only remember fragments of the scene where Jang Yi-soo was funny and the scene where Maseok-do fought, just like the shorts. Jang Yi-soo, that good character, also becomes a fool. He proudly holds up his FDA badge, but later ends up getting arrested for impersonating a police officer.

The characters in the movie are idiots. A fool who died because he didn’t distribute properly (Jang Dong-cheol), a fool who waited to argue with a fool and then got hit by Baek Chang-gi (President Kwon), a fool who was caught after coming into Korea to say something because he felt unfair about being taken advantage of (Baek Chang-ki), and a fool who followed the fool and was caught along with him. A fool (Manager Cho), a fool who mistreats Jang Yi-soo (Ma Seok-do), and a fool who was deceived by a fool (Jang Yi-soo). I wanted to eat something sweet, so I went in, but it felt like there was only sugar and spoons on the plate. Although the cutlery and plates were high-quality, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the contents were just white sugar. The actors and action were great, but in the end, it was like a spoon and a dish from a store, so I couldn’t take it out. All that’s left is the white sugar I ate.

‘Why are you running to your death at a movie made just to make us laugh?’

you’re right. I was so obsessed with this comical movie that was made to make me laugh. I’m just giving my review as one of the 10 million viewers. I didn’t find the movie boring either. However, I can’t seem to get rid of the feeling of scooping up sugar.

Ma Dong-seok actually said in an interview, “Crime City episodes 1 to 4 will be part 1, and episodes 5 to 8 will be part 2.”

And the reason Maseokdo beats up criminals is also said to appear in episode 5.

What about the new Crime City 5?

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