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▲ Diablo 4’s fourth season, ‘Rebirth of Loot’, begins on the 15th Source: Blizzard

Diablo 4’s fourth season, ‘Rebirth of Loot’, begins on the 15th.

The rebirth of the new season’s loot will bring significant changes to the existing play method, such as revamping the item system and converting the hell wave system. In accordance with the new season patch, players will join forces with the Steel Wolves to face the devil in Sanctuary.

The way items interact is fundamentally changed; the number of basic attributes is reduced and simplified, and attributes can be added through additional upgrades such as quenching, luxury, and advanced attributes to complete the build of your choice.

▲ Scene of applying quenching Source: Game Insight coverage

Quenching is a system for customizing equipment. When you visit a blacksmith and select a crafting recipe, the random properties of that crafting recipe are applied to the equipment. The quenching recipe can be obtained by enjoying all content. Advanced attributes are a newly added concept that have higher values ​​than existing attributes and appear with a low probability among ancestral items obtained at world level 4 or higher.

Changes are also being made to the Codex of Power. All legendary phases are added to the Codex of Power, and the best version can continue to be engraved on equipment. Items that have been tempered to the desired properties can be converted into luxury goods. By completing luxury goods, the value of the properties given to the item can be set even higher. The materials needed for luxury goods appear in the new end-game content Abyss.

Aside from items, changes to content are also expected to occur. The wave of hell is applied from the lower levels, more enemies appear, and after surviving long enough, you can encounter ‘living in hell’. By defeating the hell dweller, you can obtain materials to participate in the cursed ritual.

▲ Diablo 4 test server Hell Wave play scene Source: Game Insight coverage

The cursed ritual is a ritual ruined by pagans, and when the user collects materials and activates it, it attracts demons and monsters and engages in all-out war. If you survive the raid, the new Hell Wave mid-boss ‘Blood Empress’ will descend.

Users join the Iron Wolves, defeat the Blood Empress, and proceed together through the Call of the Wolf season activities. Honor earned through activities with the Steel Wolves can unlock rewards that will help you on your season journey.

Diablo 4’s fourth season, ‘Rebirth of Loot’, will take effect from 2 a.m. on the 15th (Korean time).

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