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Money Today Reporter Lee So-eun | 2024.05.17 06:59

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A claim has been raised that photos permanently deleted by iPhone and iPad users may be stored on Apple servers. This is because, after recent OS (operating system) updates, there are cases where photos that were deleted years ago are being ‘resurrected’.

According to Newsis on the 17th, a number of claims have recently been made on the overseas online community ‘Reddit’ that a bug has occurred where photos deleted years ago reappear in the photo library after the iOS 17.5 update.

One Reddit user claimed that after an iPhone update, old photos that were deleted in 2021 reappeared in ‘Recently Uploaded Photos’ in iCloud. There was also a post saying, “Four photos taken in 2010 kept reappearing as the latest photos uploaded to iCloud. Even if I deleted the photos, they kept reappearing and I deleted them repeatedly.”

In addition, posts such as “Six photos taken in different years reappeared. Some were deleted last year” and “Photos taken with a Canon camera a long time ago appeared in the iPhone library as if they had been added today” were also posted.

When photos or videos are deleted from Apple devices, including the iPhone, they are stored in a separate folder called ‘Recently Deleted’ for up to 30 days. If you are using the iPhone lock function, you will need to authenticate yourself with a password or Face ID when accessing the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Photos and videos moved to the Recently Deleted category are permanently deleted after 30 days, and can be permanently deleted even before that if the user wishes.

The exact cause of this bug has not yet been revealed.

The industry estimates that the causes of this problem include indexing bugs, photo library corruption, and synchronization problems between local devices such as iPhones and iCloud. Apple attempted to fix a photo synchronization bug in the iOS 17.3 update, and there is some analysis that this may have caused new synchronization problems related to iCloud backup. It is known that a similar case occurred during iOS 17.5 developer beta testing.

Due to this error, some users have raised suspicions that photos, messages, and emails permanently deleted from iPhone or iPad may be stored on Apple servers.

Apple has been emphasizing that it does not store any personal information of users on Apple servers during the security process, touting its personal information, privacy protection, and security capabilities. Since this error could completely negate the company’s security policy, Apple is expected to take a follow-up response in some way.

Apple has not yet released an official statement regarding this bug.

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