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Mexican children playing on a street without power due to a power grid shutdown. /Reuters Yonhap News

The editor-in-chief of a major Mexican daily newspaper criticized his country’s economic policies, using Korea as a comparison.

Pascal Beltrán Del Rio (58), editor-in-chief of the Mexican press Excelsior, wrote in a column titled ‘Power, Two Examples’ on the 14th (local time), “When I talk about the impact of economic policies made by other countries, I always refer to Mexico and Korea. “I thought it was appropriate to compare,” he said.

Editor-in-Chief Delio said, “Korea has a territory the size of a Mexican state and is separated from the United States, the world’s largest economy, across the Pacific Ocean, but since the mid-1980s, Korea has developed to a level that surpasses Mexico in terms of per capita income. “It has been achieved,” he said. He continued, “Korea’s leap forward was once described as a ‘miracle,’ but the reason had nothing to do with the supernatural. It was clearly the result of leaders’ decisions to lead the country on a path to growth and raise the standard of living for its people.”

He said, “There is a lot of talk about Korean movies and music in Mexico right now, but considering our limitations in power generation and distribution, I think it would be good to look at what has happened in the economic field as well.”

Editor-in-Chief Del Rio said that in 1960, Korea was just emerging from a five-year civil war in which one-tenth of the civilian population was killed. At the time, Korea’s economy was similar to Ghana’s in Africa, and Mexico’s GDP (gross domestic product) was three times the size of Korea. Although Korea suffered difficulties due to various global crises, it was said that by 2004, its economy had already surpassed that of Mexico.

Editor-in-Chief Delio argued that although there are many problems in Korea, it is useful to compare how the two countries have changed over the years. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the life expectancy of Koreans is 83.6 years, while that of Mexicans is 75.4 years. In 1960, life expectancy in both countries was similar at 55 years. Also, Korea’s GDP per capita in 2022 is $32,422, while Mexico’s is $11,496.

Editor-in-Chief Del Rio said, “Electric power development is another example of Korea’s distance from Mexico.” According to the International Energy Agency, Korea’s electricity production in 2022 was 633,243 GWh, significantly higher than Mexico’s 395,000 GWh. He said, “Although there is a difference in the economic size of the two countries, we must also remember that Korea has no oil and produces almost 30% of its electricity with natural gas.”

In terms of solar power generation, Korea produced 29,920 GWh in 2022, but Mexico only produced 9,360 GWh. In this field, Korea ranks 8th in the world and Mexico ranks 17th. Mexico’s amount of sunlight is even ranked second in the world.

Editor-in-Chief Del Rio said, “There is no reason other than wrong government policy decisions for Mexico’s power business to be so weak and underdeveloped,” adding, “This is a terrible signal to investors at a time when global investors are looking for countries that can provide sufficient and continuous power supply.” “It is being sent,” he pointed out.

This point seems to reflect the widespread public opinion that the national power grid system must be inspected due to recent power outages in major regions, including Mexico City, due to power plant operation errors. When Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained at a recent regular press conference, “This is a temporary phenomenon due to increased operation of air conditioning equipment due to the heat wave,” and “The Electric Power Authority is responding well,” local media outlets said they were not taking the situation seriously. criticized.

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