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“Now you can move the Black Demon Gate?”

The reporter, a Black Mage user, couldn’t help but cheer as soon as he saw the job skill video for Square Enix’s global MMORPG ‘Final Fantasy 14 Online’ new expansion pack V7.0 ‘Golden Legacy’.

Ahead of the release of the expansion pack on the 16th, Final Fantasy 14 released skill casting videos for all classes, including the new classes Viper and Pictomancer. It was a video the reporter had been eagerly waiting for, so right after it was released, she watched it with her friends and exchanged opinions.

In Golden Legacy, we focused on adding new skills or changing existing skills to ensure that each job’s deal cycle operates smoothly. We also saw a tendency to systematically order skills in the game in order to lower the hurdles of the increasingly complex deal cycle.

For example, occupations where the gauge is important, such as ‘Reaper’ and ‘Technician’, have been changed to prevent situations where the gauge exceeds and incurs losses. For the caster job, an attack skill that can be used immediately has been added to reduce damage incurred when using synergy skills.

- V7.0 ‘Monk’, which is expected to feature a new mechanism
– V7.0 ‘Monk’, which is expected to feature a new mechanism

However, even the reporter, who had consistently enjoyed Final Fantasy 14 since the new Eorzea version, found the changes in ‘Monk’ somewhat unfamiliar. At first glance, it looks similar to the existing operation, but the basic mechanism has changed significantly with the newly added HUD and new skills.

Naoki Yoshida Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 P/D said regarding the Monk, “Basically, the combo mechanism no longer focuses on maintaining buffs and sustained damage. Now, performing actions in a certain order increases the power of the next skill. “Everything,” he explained.

He also added, “The play itself is not much different from the existing one, but the uncertainty about what action to use when the deal cycle is interrupted will be alleviated.” I think you will only be able to feel the change if you handle it yourself.

Along with lowering the difficulty of operating the deal cycle, what caught the eye was convenience. Many of the elements that were criticized as being disappointing have been strengthened, such as the Black Magic Gate for the Black Mage being moved and the White Mage’s movement skills being added.

Thanks to this, it is expected that a more comfortable environment will be created when attacking the expansion pack’s new raid. As we eagerly await the official release of Golden Legacy on July 2nd, we have briefly summarized how each job will change.

– Final Fantasy 14 V7.0 job skill introduction video



· After level 90, the damage reduction from Iron Wall Defense increases from 20% to 30%.

· After level 90, revenge duration increases from 10 to 15 seconds.

○ Knight “Add new skills to confession prayer combo”

New knight skill added to confession prayer combo

· Sword of Regret 2nd and 3rd motions changed

· New skill added to confession prayer combo

· Atonement and piercing sword motion and effect changes

○ Warrior “New skills added after primal crushing”

New warrior skills available after Primal Crush

· Added a new skill that can be used after 3 times of beheading or annihilation in Primal Liberation state

· Add new skills available after Primal Crushing

○ Dark Knight “Maintain the basic combo and add new skills after implementing illusions”

It is assumed that the motion is the same as the basic combo and only the effect and power are different.

· Changed Blood Frenzy to a higher level Blood Blade skill to ease the Burst difficulty.

· Strengthen basic combo skills when using Blood Blade and Blood Frenzy

· Added a new skill that can be used after casting Illusion Implementation

○ Gunbreaker “New skills added after Ring of Destiny”

Gunbreaker's new skill available after Ring of Destiny

· Added new skills that can be used after casting the Ring of Destiny

· Added a new skill that can be used after the violent canine combo (Soil Misomo)



· After level 90, the cooldown time of rapid magic is reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.

○ White Mage “Movement skills added for convenience”

New skills available after Quick Magic

· Added a new skill that allows you to quickly move forward

· Added a new wide-area attack skill that can be used up to 3 times after the magic of speed

○ Scholar “GOAT in appearance change”

Scholar's new skill that changes appearance and enhances healing magic

· Addition of a new skill, ‘Seraphism’, which changes the character’s appearance and strengthens healing magic.

· Added a new wide-area attack skill that can be used after the linkage system

○ Astrologer “Pay attention to the new skills used after the King’s Sword”

Astrologer's new skill, presumed to be available after the King's Sword

· Cards are no longer drawn randomly, but attack buffs, defense buffs, recovery effect enhancement cards, and minor arcana are obtained all at once.

· As the omen system disappears, the astronomical skill is also deleted.

○ Hyeonja “Newly added normal health and dangerous diseases”

Newly added normal health and risk diseases

· Reinforced as ‘normal health/dangerous disease’, which causes continuous damage from dangerous diseases when used in normal health

· Added a party buff that heals nearby allies every time you cast a spell

close range dealer


· Naedan’s recovery amount increases after level 90

· After level 90, the duration of the check increases from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

○ Monk “Eliminate the operation of the existing dual faction coalition government shelf”

A monk that seems to need new research after the update

· Changed the basic combo mechanic so that damage is no longer focused on buffs and damage over time. When skills are used in a specific order, the power of the next skill increases.

· Maximum stacks of chakra during the duration of Taoyuangyeol increased from 5 to 10

○ Dragon Knight “Change the fifth combo to a new skill without direction designation”

One of the new Dragon Knight skills added as the fifth combo

· Changed the fifth combo to a new skill without direction designation to eliminate the positional force of the basic combo.

· Changed so that you can enter the red dragon blood without the dragon’s eye to make it easier to use maximum firepower from the opening.

· Delete and reorganize some skills to ease burst difficulty (dragon’s gaze, etc.)

○ Ninja “Newly added shuriken stack”

New ninja skills assumed to be available after Cheonjiin

· Changed the effect of Wind Dune to be transferred to an attribute and activated at all times. Wind Dune is replaced with an area skill that activates with an unknown effect.

· The effect of ‘Ganggappajeom Stab’, which previously extended the duration of Pungdun, has been changed to fill 2 shuriken spaces. Shuriken is consumed when using Blade Whirlwind.

· Addition of new skills assumed to be available after Cheonjiin

○ Samurai “New skills added after the war break”

A new samurai skill that appears to be available after the war break.

· Changed Swallow Reversal so that it can be used when the Myeongkyung Index effect ends.

· Added top skills for Sword Wind, Heavenly Sword, and Nanseolwolhwa

○ Reaper “Increased firepower in Lemur Water”

Reaper's new skill available after Lemur Shroud

· Bountiful Harvest no longer increases the Shroud but instead grants use of the Lemur Shroud

· Fixed an issue where the Lemur Water gauge was exceeded.

· Added new skills that can be used during the duration of Lemur Water

○ Viper “Reduce the number of skills registered in the shortcut bar by changing skills”

Viper, a new job that catches the eye with its splendor

· Structure of using combined sword abilities in a dual-sword combo and dual-sword abilities in a combined sword combo

· There are few skills registered in the shortcut bar, but the number of skills actually used is the same as other occupations.

Remote dealer


· Naedan’s recovery increases after level 90

· After level 90, the effect of damage reduction skill increases from 10% to 15%.

○ Bard “Maintain the existing mechanism and improve convenience”

Bard changed for convenience

· The Sage’s Poem, the War God’s Hymn, and the Travel God’s Dance are changed to buff skills.

· You can use the Sage’s Psalm, the War God’s Hymn, and the Travel God’s Dance even if there are no enemies to attack.

· Absolute pitch changed from a single skill to a wide range skill

· Addition of higher level skills such as bloodletting arrow and radon arrow

○ Technician “Added finishing technology after Queen Pile Bunker”

Technician's new skill that appears to be available after Queen Pile Bunker

· Heat Control no longer increases Heat by 50 but instead grants Overcharge availability

· Fixed an issue where the heat gauge was exceeded

· Addition of higher level skills such as heat spray, gaustan, ricochet shooting, etc.

· Added new skills available after Rotating Saw

· Changed the drill to be able to charge up to 2 times

○ Martial artist “Add burst skill and increase technique effect”

A new martial arts skill that can be used after completing the technique.

· Added new skills available after Flourish

· Added a new skill that can be used by consuming Esprit after completing the skill



· After level 90, rapid magic cooldown time is reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.

· After level 90, mental disturbance duration increases from 10 to 15 seconds.

○ Black Mage “Move the Black Magic Gate, add fire stack”

Black Mage's new skill that consumes 6 stacks of flame

· Changed so that mana is recovered when using ice-type skills while the cold of the underworld is activated.

· Added a new skill that regenerates black magic symbols under one’s feet

· Stacks accumulate when using fire-type magic, and new skills that can be used when 6 stacks are accumulated are added.

○ Summoner “New Summon Solar Bahamut”

Solar Bahamut, a new pet that can be summoned after Phoenix

· Addition of the third summon, ‘Solar Bahamut’, following Bahamut and Phoenix.

· Remove existing Bahamut

· Added new skills available after Burning Light

○ Red Mage “Melee combo damage increased”

Red Mage New Skill

· Mana Increase no longer provides 50 White and 50 Black Magic, but instead grants Melee Combo Enhancement status.

· Adjusted Ingriline’s white magic and black magic consumption to be the same as using 3 close range combos.

○ Pictomancer “Completely different mechanism from previous jobs”

Pictomancer will provide fun with a completely different mechanism from existing casters.

· Concept of attacking enemies by implementing magically drawn pixels

· Stronger skills can be used by implementing multiple pixels

· Possesses buffs that can be given to yourself and party members

· Like black mage, does not have resurrection skill

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