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(Data provided by: Blizzard)

– Addition of 38 new cards and new keyword ‘Specialization’

– Introducing the new legendary card ‘Puppetmaster Dorian’, which allows you to control minions at will

A new mini set, Dr. Boom’s Ingenious Inventions, has been added to the expansion pack ‘Wizbang’s Toy Workshop’ for Blizzard Entertainment’s free collectible card game .

Dr. Boom, a competitor to Wizbang, a genius inventor and toy maker, is eager to prove that he is the best toy maker and inventor in Azeroth, so he develops his own line of toys, including 38 new cards and new keyword specialization ( We created a mini set that includes Gigantify.

Extra-large is similar to Mini-Me, a newly added keyword in Wizbang’s Toy Workshop, but much larger. If you play a card with the extra-size ability, an extra-large copy of the card is added to your hand, allowing you to explode with explosive power in the late game.

The mini set includes a new legendary card, Puppetmaster Dorian, which can control any minion at will. Each time you draw a minion, you can copy that minion to get a 1/1 minion with a cost of 1. Puppetmaster Dorian is also included as a bonus diamond card in the golden mini set.

Detailed information about the new mini set Dr. Boom’s Ingenious Inventions, this balance change, and news about next season’s Anomalous War can be found in the blog post.

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