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(Issue 1) Putin visits China as a state guest… Possibility of ‘surprise visit to North Korea’ discussed – Yonhap News TV VRESP TODAY

(Issue 1) Putin visits China as a state guest… Possibility of ‘surprise visit to North Korea’ mentioned

Russian President Putin began his 2-day, 1-night trip in Beijing.

There is growing interest as it appears to be an opportunity to predict the future direction of China-Russia relations.

Meanwhile, the second meeting of the ROK-US Special Defense Cost-Sharing Agreement will be held in Seoul starting on the 21st.

These negotiations are attracting attention as they are being carried out while former President Donald Trump, the US Republican presidential candidate, is pressuring Korea to increase its defense budget every day.

Let’s take a look at related details with Cha Doo-hyun, senior research fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

Russian President Putin arrived in Beijing, China early this morning. This visit to China is President Putin’s first overseas schedule since the start of his fifth term in office. Why did you choose China? What do you think was the reason?

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin held a small meeting in the morning. It is said that China and Russia do not have an opportunistic relationship and that comments were made that gave meaning to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia, right?

President Putin’s visit to China comes seven months after the Belt and Road Summit last October, and it is the fourth time that the leaders of China and Russia have met since the Ukraine war began in February 2022. So far, China has been criticized for helping Russia by supplying key components, although it has not provided actual weapons. China also gained significant economic value from this, right?

During his state visit to France earlier this month, President Xi Jinping jointly proposed a ‘global ceasefire’ during the Olympics with French President Macron. Will a ‘ceasefire in the Ukraine war’ be discussed in the meeting with President Putin?

Meanwhile, President Putin will visit Harbin tomorrow. He plans to attend the opening ceremony of the China-Russia Expo and visit Harbin Institute of Technology. This Harbin Institute of Technology is on the US sanctions list in relation to missile development, right?

As President Putin also accepted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s invitation to visit North Korea, interest is growing whether President Putin will use this visit as an opportunity to make a surprise visit to North Korea. If a visit to North Korea follows a visit to China, is it likely that North Korea-China-Russia solidarity will be further solidified?

Former President Trump, the US Republican presidential candidate, is raising his voice every day regarding defense spending. Recently, it was argued that South Korea is making enough money to pay more for its defense costs because it has taken away many of the U.S. industries. Please explain the background to Korea’s claim to significantly increase its contribution.

However, former President Trump is making untrue statements about US troops stationed in Korea. It is said that South Korea barely pays its share of the defense costs of the US Forces in Korea, and the size of the US Forces in Korea continues to be incorrect. It is known that our government has conveyed its position to Trump, but what kind of response do you think they will actually receive?

The second meeting of the SMA, negotiations on ROK-US defense cost sharing that will apply from 2026, will be held in Seoul next week. Following the first meeting held in Honolulu, this negotiation will involve full-scale coordination of opinions on the amount and validity period. Since negotiations began so quickly, is it possible to reach an early conclusion?

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will face off in a TV debate on June 27. Usually, TV debates take place in September or October, a month or two before the November voting date. Why is there a TV debate before the presidential candidate nominating convention is held?

Do you think the issue of defense spending for U.S. troops stationed in Korea will also be mentioned in the first debate between Biden and Trump, the presidential candidates?

Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: KakaoTalk/Line jebo23


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