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Jae-rim Choi denies dating rumors with director Kalin Park, 18 years older than him "We are close enough to introduce my girlfriend." – News 1 VRESP

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Musical actor Choi Jae-rim denied dating rumors with director Kalin Park, who is 18 years older than him, and said he was close with director Park.

According to viewership rating research company Nielsen Korea on the 16th, ‘Radio Star’ (directed by Kim Myeong-yeop and Hwang Yoon-sang), which aired on the afternoon of the 15th, ranked first in its time slot with 4.3% of households in the metropolitan area and 3.8% of households nationwide.

On this day, Kim Do-hyun, Kim Nam-hee, Tiffany Young, and Choi Jae-rim appeared on ‘Radio Star’. Kim Do-hyun, who emerged as a ‘viewer rating guarantee’ by appearing in dramas that captured both topicality and viewership ratings such as ‘The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family’ and ‘Queen of Tears’, said, “I saved it and came out before it turned into shit,” he said, raising expectations for his appearance in a variety show.

Kim Gura was particularly surprised when it was revealed that Kim Do-hyun was the ‘son of an actor’s family.’ Kim Do-hyun’s mother is the legendary voice actor Jang Yu-jin. Jang Yu-jin is a voice actor who has voiced the voices of beautiful actresses such as Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor in past foreign films, and has also gained great fame as a DJ. Kim Do-hyun, who says that all of his family members act, drew sympathy by revealing his shortcomings in not being able to focus on foreign films because his mother was a voice actor.

Kim Nam-hee has a secret story about appearing in MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘We, Home’, which will be aired for the first time on the 24th, about the pressure of working with actor Kim Hee-sun, who is 9 years older than her, and about how she decided to appear in this drama to fulfill her dream of playing a normal character, and as a ‘role model’. The reason for choosing actor Jang Hyuk was revealed.

Tiffany, who appeared alone for the first time in 10 years without the Girls’ Generation members, revealed the secret behind being cast as Roxy Hart in the musical ‘Chicago’ over a competition rate of 200 to 1 and her relationship with SM acting teacher Jo Han-cheol after 20 years in ‘The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family’. , the story of being touched by ‘acting teacher’ Song Joong-ki, and the reactions of Girls’ Generation members to acting with Song Kang-ho and Byun Yo-han in the web drama ‘Uncle Samsik’ released on Disney+ (Plus).

Lastly, musical actor Choi Jae-rim, who said, “I came here with a lot of strength from head to toe,” made a mark with his unexpected charm as light as a feather, as Jang Do-yeon expressed on this day. Meanwhile, Choi Jae-rim spoke frankly about his romantic relationship with director Park Kal-lin, who is 18 years older than him. He denied the dating rumors, saying that he had a close relationship with director Park Kal-lin, to the point where he even introduced his girlfriend in the past. Jae-rim Choi joked in response to the MC’s request, “Please don’t misunderstand,” by saying, “Teacher, how would you like to meet me? Is that okay?” Kim Gu-ra asked for confirmation, saying, “Don’t ask the production crew to edit it later.” He also said, “I will take responsibility for the words I said,” causing laughter.

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