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The laptop ‘Dell XPS 14’ that the reporter used for the past two weeks is the most portable laptop with the best performance. This is a high-end product from Dell Technologies equipped with an Intel AI processor (Intel Core Ultra 7) and a powerful graphics card (NVIDIA RTX 4050). High-end refers to products with the highest quality, performance, and specifications released by a company without worrying about price.

I am watching the music movie ‘La La Land’ by connecting my Dell XPS 14 laptop to an external monitor and external speakers. When you connect external speakers, the laptop automatically tells you to select the sound device. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae
I am checking the specifications by opening a web page on my Dell XPS 14 laptop. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae
I launched the game on my Dell XPS 14 laptop. The game graphics colors are very colorful and vivid. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae

The ‘Dell

● Smooth video editing

We edited the video to get a taste of the product’s performance. I recorded a video of about 3 minutes with the smartphone Galaxy S21 and tried it with the ‘Microsoft Clipchamp’ program installed on this laptop. This program helps beginners edit videos easily. When editing, I did not connect the power source and used only batteries. This was to see whether performance degradation occurred in this situation.

I deleted the scene of people passing by in a video of the surrounding scenery and pasted it before and after this scene. This process took approximately 30 minutes. How long was the fever? When I touched the upper part of the laptop body, it was slightly lukewarm.

In particular, a clean and clear video that I had never experienced before was reproduced. Video editors consider color and color gamut very important, and even from an amateur perspective, the clear screen was unique. This laptop is equipped with a 14.5-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 3.2K (3200 × 2000, number of pixels horizontal × vertical). The panel can be operated by touching it with your finger. The company explains that it implements 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and a contrast ratio of 10,000 to 1.

DCI-P3 is a digital cinema color standard created to be used as the color gamut of digital projectors in the film industry. In particular, color expression close to maximum is possible in the red area. DCI-P3 is said to be mainly used in Apple products.

In addition to this program, I have also used other editing programs. I installed ‘VideoProc Converter AI’ on Windows and trimmed the same video. Although it was a short editing job, each movement was smooth and the heat generated was minimal. This laptop has a fan, which reduces the heat generated by the components, but the fan noise is only slightly audible. This laptop’s heat generation was highest when it was charging and performing various tasks. When charging, the movement of electrons becomes active and heat is generated in this process.

● I played the game

I downloaded the free game ‘Disney Speed ​​Storm’ from the gaming platform X-BOX. This game requires a fee for additional installations, but is basically free and takes up 15.95GB of storage space. It took about 30 minutes to download the game. Among the ‘Dell XPS 14’ products used by the reporter, the storage capacity was 1TB (1024GB), so there was no major problem in downloading multiple games. However, if you do a lot of video or graphics work, you can increase the storage capacity to 2TB or 4TB when purchasing a laptop. At this time, the price rises.

‘Disney Speed ​​Storm’ is the ultimate hero battle racing game inspired by the Disney Pixar world and taking place on high-speed tracks. The game sound was three-dimensional and the graphics colors were great. In games, monitor refresh rate (number of blinks per second) is important, and even products with the same specifications support 120Hz for FHD+ panels and 90Hz for OLED touch displays. If you enjoy games where the refresh rate is important, you should be careful about panel selection.

The reporter played this game at a coffee shop. He wore earphones, and as soon as he plugged them into the 5mm port on the right side of the laptop, he was asked if he wanted earphones or headphones, and when he clicked wired earphones, the sound was automatically optimized. This laptop supports Dolby for both video and audio. Speakers are visible on both sides of the main body. According to the company’s explanation, a quad speaker design (two up-firing speakers and two down-firing speakers) was adopted. Upfiring sends sound above the consumer’s head, while downfiring sends sound below. A three-dimensional effect is felt because sounds are produced from four virtual points above and below the user.

The laptop RAM used by the reporter was 16GB. For general consumers, 16GB provides very fast speeds, but those who work with difficult and high-end tasks can choose 32GB or 64GB.

Unlike when editing videos, when running this game, the heat was so strong that it could be felt even above the laptop keyboard. As the heat is generated, the fan inside the body moves and generates some noise. It’s not that loud, but it’s not so loud that you can secretly play games at the library.

Regarding RAM capacity, until recently there were no problems with most programs or multitasking (simultaneous work) with as little as 8GB, but in the future, the basic 16GB will be required for various tasks such as implementing on-device-AI (AI work performed only inside the device without going through a cloud network). I thought we would do it.

A covered view of the Dell XPS 14 laptop. The subtle tone of the finish stands out. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae
Dell XPS 14 main keyboard. The touchpad is ‘hidden’ in the bottom center, and the upper keys are also built in. Both sides are speakers. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae
The Dell XPS 14 laptop only has a C-type port. The connector that connects them is included in the laptop package. By connecting this connector, you can use HDMI and A-type ports. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae

● Watch Netflix

When streaming a movie on Netflix, there was a gap of about 1cm at the top of the panel. Except for this, I was able to watch the video on almost the entire laptop screen. Compared to 16:9, the 16:10 screen ratio is better for video work and provides more document information. Laptop manufacturers have recently released many laptop products with a 16:10 screen ratio. For video or graphics work, a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 14-inch or 16-inch panel (length diagonally) are preferred.

I watched ‘Les Misérables,’ a musical made into a movie. It was said to support Dolby sound. When I connected two external analog speakers, it automatically asked me what type of external device it was connected to, just like when I plugged in earphones, and when I connected it after answering with speakers, I heard a more magnificent sound. I checked the speaker quality while watching the music movie ‘La La Land’. Although the sound was inferior, the sound quality of the laptop’s built-in speakers was excellent. The three-dimensional sound became more noticeable when using external speakers or headphones.

● Battery exhaustion rate is

The battery could be used for about 8 to 9 hours without performing battery-intensive tasks such as video editing. When the battery charge rate was 96% and I used the program for sending articles to international newspapers for about half of the time, about 7 hours passed and the remaining battery rate was 18%. 78% used in 7 hours. This was under the condition that battery saving mode was not used. This is not a product that can be used without power supply for 18 hours.

The remaining battery capacity was 18%, but when the laptop was closed for about 10 hours without closing the web browser and various programs, the battery was depleted by about 2%. I was able to use it for about an hour with 16% of the battery remaining.

● Other features

This laptop has no touchpad divider and is hidden. When you press the main body at the bottom of the keyboard key G or H (center part), this body acts as a touchpad. Pressing the left side of the center is a normal touch, and pressing the right side is the same as right-clicking a mouse. If you swipe three fingers upward, all the programs you are working on will appear on one screen, and if you swipe down, the opposite will happen. The ‘hidden touchpad’ was unique.

Video editing on Dell XPS 14. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae
The Dell XPS 14 has a 14-inch screen. The clear screen ratio of 16:10 provides the optimal screen composition for video editing work. The photo shows the screen editing of a video taken directly. Reporter Jeong Ok-jae

The keys at the top of a regular keyboard were also built-in. It’s awkward at first, but you get used to it as you use it. In particular, the ‘delete’ key is located at the top of the main body, on the far right. At first, it was awkward to touch with the little finger of my right hand, but I thought it was fun to think of it as training my little finger.

The ‘Dell It is easy to understand if you think of it as a counterpart to the MacBook Pro. It is suitable for people who need to run Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, instead of a MacBook Pro. It is a good choice when you want to maintain the best performance but sacrifice some weight and price. The weight of the product used by the reporter was 1.74 kg. Just think of putting a light laptop in your bag and adding one or two more books.

There are three C-type ports, an SD card port, and a 5mm earphone jack. Although there is no HDMI port and A-type port, connection ports are included when purchasing a laptop.

By using MyDell, an AI-based optimization software, you can optimize various performances, including battery consumption rate. The subtle finish of platinum silver color adds luxury. Above all, this product is characterized by sturdiness, strength, and subtlety. For this characteristic, it can be said that price, weight, etc. have been sacrificed to some extent. You can lock and unlock your laptop with your face or fingerprint. You can ensure work continuity by closing and opening the laptop without shutting it down.

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