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(Handmaker Reporter Kwak Hye-in) MGTech (CEO Kwon Oh-tak) announced that it is offering three benefits to buyers to commemorate the launch of the fully wireless Bluetooth bone conduction earphones ‘Earfree W’.

As wireless earphones become more diverse, the unit types are divided into three types. Bone conduction earphones, which transmit sound using the bones around the ear, are divided into a necklace type that combines a wire connecting two units, an earring type that hangs a loop on the top of the ear, and a clip type that attaches the unit to the earlobe.

MGTech’s ‘Earfree W’ is a wireless bone conduction earphone that adopts a real bone conduction diaphragm. By eliminating the wire connecting the units, the advantages of canal-type earphones are utilized, and the uniqueness of bone conduction earphones is doubled by using a clip method that hangs on the side of the ear to secure them.

‘Earfree W’ applies Bluetooth 5.3 technology to reduce power consumption while improving pairing speed and stability with mobile devices, and data transmission speed.

If the unit and case of ‘Earfree W’ are fully charged, you can use them for up to 80 hours without recharging. If both units are used, it can be used for 40 hours. The case supports fast charging, so even if the unit battery runs out during use, you can use it for an hour by putting it in the case for just 5 minutes. With the IPX waterproof function, there is no problem even if it gets wet from sweat or sudden rain.

The company says that the earphones are fast enough to pair with a connected smartphone the moment you open the case, and music starts playing the moment you lift the unit. It supports multi-pairing, so it is easy to switch between two smartphones, and you can conveniently call various voice assistant services. He explained that it is suitable for delivery work that requires wearing a helmet at all times, or delivery and outside work that requires wearing earphones throughout work hours.

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