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Shinobi and samurai. The two, who have been portrayed as symbols of Japan’s feudal era in numerous media, will be portrayed through Ubisoft’s new series, ‘Assassin’s Creed Shadows’.

Ubisoft released a new video and detailed information on the new series ‘Assassin’s Creed Shadows’, which was released early on the 14th under the project name ‘Code Name Red’, at 1 am on the 16th.

These are not male and female skins. Naoe and Yasuke are completely different main characters.

The main characters of this work are Naoe and Yasuke. The most notable thing is that completely different gameplay is predicted through the two characters.

In the meantime, the main characters, including twin siblings Jacob and Evie Frye from ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’, Eivor from ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’, and Misthios Alexios and Cassandra from ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’, the previous work of Ubisoft Quebec, which created this work, have been revenged, or There were some Assassin’s Creeds that had both men and women.

However, this work features two completely different characters as the main characters: Naoe, a female shinobi, and Yasuke, a male samurai. These two are not the same beings with different genders like in existing works, nor are they characters with the same abilities but different appearances. They each expressed the class and character of shinobi and samurai differently.

Game director Charles Benoit explained that with this setting, characters from different social classes could not be condensed into one character. He also announced different narratives and gameplay, saying he hopes to be able to experience both of them.

Samurai Yasuke, the first real-life main character in the series

Yasuke, a samurai, is a very unique character among the Assassin’s Creed series that has appeared so far. The building of other main character characters mentioned above is noteworthy, but the appearance of a real person who left his name in history as the main character for the first time is also worth noting.

Yasuke came to Japan as a slave of an Italian missionary and had an audience with Oda Nobunaga, leaving his name in Japanese history for the first time. Afterwards, he received the name Yasuke and the status of a warrior from Nobunaga and served Nobunaga as a samurai. In particular, the story of a black man coming to Japan and becoming a samurai during a time of turbulence and when foreign culture and people were rare leaves a great impression not only at the time but even to this day. Accordingly, Yasuke is appearing in various creative media, including the Netflix animation ‘Yasuke’, which features him as the main character.

Yasuke is a character depicted as a large man even by modern standards, with samurai characteristics. These features will also carry over to actual game play. Compared to Naoe, he is depicted as a person specialized in combat. He has the power to break down doors and fight off multiple enemies. He also blocks enemy attacks and uses various weapons such as katana, golden baton, bow, and naginata. This appearance reminds me of the gameplay of the Myth Trilogy, where RPG elements are emphasized.

On the one hand, he is also a figure who represents Western players’ view of Japan, the setting of the game. Director Benoit explained the reason for choosing Yasuke as the main character, noting that he is a foreigner who discovered Japan, and that players also discover Japan in the game, giving them an experience that they can connect with each other.

Narrative director Brooke Davis explained that not much was included in the actual history of Yasuke. However, he also explained that the narrative team took an interesting approach to drawing the game’s story as the main character was such a historical figure.

Shinobi Naoe, the main character who connects real shinobi and games

Naoe, a shinobi also known as a ninja, is a character who has been portrayed in a similar form to the main character of Assassin’s Creed.

Naoe herself is a fictional character created for the game, like many other protagonists in the series that have appeared so far. However, she becomes entangled with numerous real people who left their names in history, adding liveliness to the game’s story.

Naoe appears as the daughter of Fujibayashi Nagato, a legendary shinobi from Iga Province, the home of Iga-ryu ninjutsu. Additionally, he is the one who suffered the tragedy when Oda Nobunaga and his soldiers invaded Iga and destroyed the shinobi. She meets Yasuke, who came to Iga, and their relationship begins.

At the beginning of the game, Naoe appears immature due to her young age, but as the game progresses, her cautiousness and wisdom as a shinobi will be emphasized.

In terms of gameplay, while Yasuke, a samurai, is a person specialized in combat, Naoe’s characteristics as a shinobi are emphasized. The game focuses on stealth and assassination, and only Naoe has the assassination sword (Hidden Blade). In other words, the same characteristics as the protagonist before the mythology trilogy, which focused on his appearance as an assassin, are emphasized. In addition to the assassin sword, the development team plans to utilize the characteristics of shinobi in many media, such as unique parkour, aerial action using a grappling hook, kunai, shuriken, and smoke bombs.

Is the background before or after the Honnoji Incident? Shadows depicts the history of Japan in the 16th century.
Through the release of this video, the overall era of the game was also revealed. Initially, it was known that it would be set in medieval, feudal Japan, and there was much speculation that it would be set in the shogunate era. However, through various internal leaks, information about Japan’s Warring States Period also emerged as rumors.

▲ Oda Nobunaga shows interest in Yasuke

As can be seen through the newly revealed presence of Oda Nobunaga, Yasuke, etc., the game is set in the Azuchi-Momoyama period of the 16th century. This period usually refers to the period from the period when Oda Nobunaga showed his power as the loser of the region, to the period when Toyotomi Hideyoshi took power after his death, and to the establishment of the Edo Shogunate.

However, since Yasuke is the main character of the game, it is expected to cover the period when he fought his last battle as a vassal of Oda Nobunaga and after the Honnoji Incident (1582), the death of Oda Nobunaga. On the contrary, the scene of Yasuke’s audience with Oda Nobunaga and the Second Tensho Iga Rebellion (1581) are depicted, so it is expected that the starting point of the game will be centered around this period. If progressed in this way, this work would be a condensed depiction of a relatively short period in the early 1580s.

▲ Yasuke becomes the target of revenge for Naoe through a scene that appears to be the Iga Rebellion.

However, as the Assassin’s Creed series twisted actual history in various ways by incorporating the existence of assassins and various creations, the appearance and period in the game may be different from actual history.

In fact, in the cinematic trailer, Naoe encounters Yasuke, who invaded Iga, and sees him as a target of revenge. However, at the end of the video, he describes them as ‘shadows serving the light’ and depicts them dealing with a person. Through this, it was also possible to anticipate an incident where the two characters share the same will.

▲ It appears that an incident will be depicted where these two come together.

Released in Korean on November 15, 2024

This work, which began pre-registration with the official announcement of the game, is scheduled to be released on November 15th on PC, PS5, and Xbox. Gold and Ultimate edition users can enjoy the game in early access form 3 days before the official release date.

All editions pre-sold include access to the additional quest ‘Encountering a Strange Dog’ as a pre-order bonus. In addition, the Gold Edition includes a season pass that includes two expansion packs to be released later, and the Ultimate Pack is added to the Gold Edition.

Official support for Korean was also confirmed. The game’s interface and subtitles are supported in Korean. The audio will be dubbed in six languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

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