Professional Soccer Players Association “Thank you to the Incheon players who showed their spirit of teamwork by blocking water bottle throwing with their whole body” – Incheon Ilbo VRESP

The Korean Professional Footballers’ Association (hereinafter referred to as the Korea Professional Footballers’ Association) applauded the Incheon players who showed their spirit of teamwork by using their whole bodies to block supporters’ water bottles being thrown after the match against Seoul on the 11th.

On the 15th, the Players’ Association said in a statement titled ‘A shining spirit of partnership and applause for the Incheon players who protected the Seoul players’, “Incheon captain Kim Do-hyuk, Kim Geon-hee, Kim Bo-seop, and Kim Dong-min, who calmed down the Incheon supporters who threw water bottles by asking for restraint. , I felt grateful to Park Seung-ho and Mugosa. We fight against each other like a war on the field, but after the game, we are all colleagues and friends. “It is called the Players’ Association, but it deserves applause for showing the spirit of partnership among the players.”

He continued, “I was particularly impressed by Jonichi, who urged the Incheon supporters to exercise restraint until the very end. “I would like to express my gratitude to Jonichi, who showed me what true sportsmanship is,” he added.

Kim Hoon-ki, secretary-general of the players’ association, said, “Today’s match will be one we don’t want to remember. At first it’s a simple water bottle, but you never know what might come next. Also, what would happen if the players were directly assaulted? I hope the federation takes strict action. Furthermore, I felt respect for the Incheon team, which showed a brilliant team spirit. “The Players Association would like to visit the Incheon players soon and express our gratitude in person,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Incheon team also apologized and announced measures to punish and prevent those involved in throwing water bottles.

The Incheon team recently posted on social media, “An accident occurred on the 11th. Our club, which is fully responsible for the home game in question, once again bowed its head, saying, “We sincerely apologize to the away team FC Seoul players, officials, and fans.”

He continued, “We will thoroughly investigate the cause and make efforts to prevent such an accident from happening again. “We will do our best to take the lead in creating a more mature cheering culture by conducting continuous safety campaigns,” he added.

Measures were also taken to uncover the truth about this accident and prevent recurrence.

The Incheon club said, “We will immediately implement the self-reporting system until the 19th. If you voluntarily report, you will be excluded from future civil and criminal legal action by the club, and only the club’s own disciplinary action will be applied. “If you do not voluntarily report it, we will compile all evidence (photos, videos, testimonies, etc.) and file a complaint with the police station, and at the same time, we will seek monetary compensation for all financial damage to the club related to this accident.”

Accordingly, fans are currently reporting voluntarily to the club.

In addition, ▲Prioritized, the complete closure of the cheering seats (S zone) during home games against Gwangju FC on the 25th and Ulsan HD on the 29th ▲Strengthening of regulations on bringing items into all areas of the stadium for the remaining home games of the 2024 season ▲Operation of a prior reporting system for cheering items ▲Development of a clean cheering campaign, etc. Prevention measures were also announced.

/ Reporter Lee Jong-man [email protected] Photo source = Incheon club SNS

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