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BTS Jimin, Song Da-eun / Photo - Hankyung DB, Instagram

BTS Jimin, Song Da-eun / Photo – Hankyung DB, Instagram

Actress Song Da-eun, from ‘Heart Signal 2’, reignited dating rumors with BTS member Jimin.

On the 16th, Song Da-eun posted and deleted photos reminiscent of Jimin on her social media.

The photo posted by Song Da-eun shows her wearing a BTS merchandise t-shirt, a capture of a BTS-related video, and wireless earphones with her and Jimin’s English names written on them.

After seeing Song Da-eun’s post on social media, some BTS fans said, “Why are you doing this again?”, “Don’t show off,” “When is this photo from?”, “Even if you’re in a relationship, isn’t it rude to do this one-sidedly to the other person?” “, “It only looks like they are fighting with the fans,” etc., expressing uncomfortable feelings.

Some have suggested that Song Da-eun may be showing her fanaticism for Jimin, but fans are on edge as the two have previously been embroiled in dating rumors.

Song Da-eun posted a post about Jimin, who looked 'shiny'.

Song Da-eun posted a post about Jimin, who looked ‘shiny’.

At the time of the first dating rumor last year, Song Da-eun said, “Please ask someone other than me about third-party matters and I am in the right mind. Don’t scare me by telling me how scary the fandom is and how many people are doing things that will get them sued.”

He then explained, “There are quite a few people who talk about posting old photos, and I thought that even if I posted a photo today, people would say it was old.”

After becoming known through ‘Heart Signal 2’ in 2018, Song Da-eun is active as an actress by appearing in dramas such as ‘Eunju’s Room’, ‘I’ve Been There Once’, and ‘Going Out’.

BTS Jimin is currently serving in the military and is scheduled to be discharged in June next year.

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