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In order to enjoy recent mobile games that require playing on the small screen of a smartphone on a PC, you can enjoy mobile games by installing a mobile game player to emulate the Android operating system. As a result, a large number of Android emulation programs have been released and can be downloaded for free to play games in a computer (PC) environment. First of all, in addition to hardware characteristics such as processor and graphics card, this mobile game player also has characteristics depending on the version of Windows being used, and there are differences in the optimization of the game.

A significant reason for enjoying mobile game players in a Windows environment is that you can play games on the large monitor used on your computer, and since you can use the keyboard and mouse you already use, you can control them in less time than you can on a small smartphone. It’s twice as convenient. Additionally, if you are streaming on YouTube, etc., it is even better to use a computer. Additionally, the difference between the physical specifications of a smartphone and a computer can be felt in the fact that multiple mobile games can be played simultaneously.

Today, let’s take full advantage of the number of processor cores of the Intel Core i7 14700K through MuMu Player, a newly released mobile app player, and take a quick look at the settings to do so. Before that, let’s first take a look at the PC version of “Only I Level Up,” the game we will be testing today.

Netmarble is developing and distributing a separate launcher to run all of its mobile games on PC, including the recently released Arthdal ​​Chronicles. The purpose of this launcher is to allow you to quickly use all of the company’s games on a PC by linking the smartphone and account you are using. However, like PC package games, you cannot run multiple different Netmarble mobile games, but only one game.

Intel Core i7 14700K Processor – Genuine

▲ Brief specifications: Intel (Socket 1700) / 10nm (Intel 7) / P8+E12 core / 16+12 thread / Base clock: 3.4GHz / Maximum clock: 5.6GHz / L2 cache: 28MB / L3 cache: 33MB / PBP- MTP: 125-253W / PCIe5.0, 4.0 / Memory specifications: DDR5, DDR4 / 5600, 3200MHz / Built-in graphics: Built-in / Intel UHD 770 / Technology support: Hyper-Threading/SMT, Intel XTU, Intel Quick Sync, Intel Deep Learning Boost / Cooler: Not included / Cinebench R23 (single): 2069 / Cinebench R23 (multi): 34818 / Release price: $409 (VAT excluded)

Install Netmarble Launcher for installation on PC

▲ After downloading the launcher file from the Netmarble website download, you will pre-install the launcher in the same way as Steam used in the PC package game.

▲ If you click on the Netmarble games on the left, they will be quickly downloaded and installed. Through this, you can run and enjoy most of Netmarble’s mobile games on your computer.

▲ Among Netmarble’s games, you can install and enjoy Seven Knights 2 and the recently released MMORPG Arthdal ​​Chronicles.

▲ If you install Netmarble’s Just Me Level Up, you can log in using your Google, Apple, and email accounts, and through this, you will be able to play various Netmarble mobile games you are playing.

If you have ever experienced installing a PC client for a mobile game, or if you have ever run a packaged game launcher such as Steam or Epic Store, you can easily download, install, and play the game. And if you play the same game on your smartphone, the data for each game, including account information, is automatically synced and shared, so you can enjoy the game you played on your smartphone on your PC with the same conditions and settings. For those who enjoy playing games on smartphones with low specs and small screens, and who find it difficult to control with the touch of a smartphone, there is the advantage of being able to play the game more comfortably because it is a PC environment that can offset all the disadvantages of a smartphone. .

New mobile player MuMu Player

▲ For this article, Intel’s Core i7 14700K processor and Asrock’s Z790 NOVA WIFI (Aswin) motherboard were used. The system memory was DD5-6400 32GB (16GB x2), and the graphics card was a 16GB GeForce card with relatively large graphics card memory. RTX 4070 Ti SUPER was used.

▲ Among the motherboard BIOS options, activate Advanced > CPU Configuration > Intel Vitrualization Technology.

First of all, in most Intel motherboards, this technology (option) is enabled by default. And if this option is disabled, it is a good idea to enable this option and then reinstall Windows 10 or Windows 11. Settings, etc. will vary slightly depending on the presence or absence of this option during the Windows installation stage. So, this is a step that must be taken in order to turn a mobile game into a player. After setting the options, be sure to reinstall Windows again.

▲ MUMUPlayer can be easily found and downloaded through a search on Google. The initial installation capacity is relatively small, about 600 MB.

▲ After logging in to the Google Play Store you are using, search for My Own Level Up and install it. The installation time varies depending on the communication status of the computer you are using, but since it is the latest game, installation was possible quickly due to ample server traffic.

▲ On MUMU Player, you can download and install the Level Up mobile game on your own through the Google Play Store.

▲ If you install the game using MUMU Player and run Level Up by yourself through the Netmarble PC launcher seen earlier, you will see a different login window than the one that says “Log in as Guest.” This option allows you to run multiple instances of the same Netmarble version of I Only Level Up. In other words, multiple access is possible through a guest account rather than logging in with a single account.

▲ When running one MUMU player, it was confirmed that it uses 4 cores and 6GB of system memory. Lastly, the graphics card memory uses about 1.5GB. As mentioned before, the graphics card used is NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER.

What do I need to check to run the mobile app player on Intel Core i7 14700K?

If you have installed the MUMU app player, logged in, and installed the game up to this point, you can simply run one game. This number is the same as using the first PC launcher explained earlier. However, the biggest advantage of using a mobile app player is that you can run multiple app players. First, one app player is basically set up and run as follows.

▲ MUMU Player is set to 4 cores and 6GB of system memory by default. These specifications can be seen as being able to run a single game with recommended specifications.

If you have run one instance, now copy the same instance as is and increase the number by copying the set MUMU player. In my case, I set 2 cores and 4GB memory as default and copied up to 8 as is.


▲ A total of 8 MUMU players were copied. The settings are 2 cores and 4GB of system memory. So, the total number of cores used is 16, and the system memory is about 32GB.

▲ I played the game by running a total of 8 instances at 4K resolution. Later, through guest login, you can reroll until the character you want appears.

▲ The Core i7 14700K processor core showed a little more room, but it seemed like it would be possible to run a larger number of app players if the amount of system memory used was slightly increased.

■ Core i7 14700K in a mobile gaming environment that can utilize the number of cores to the maximum.

These days, most game companies want to play their games on various multi-platforms by linking them to PCs rather than playing a single game on a smartphone. The biggest reason for wanting something like this is that they want to enjoy multiple game environments in the same situation on various multi-platforms, and in the case of computer-based games, they want to build their own gaming platform that is a bit away from Android and Apple. The biggest reason for this seems to be the problem of revenue flowing to the App Store.

▲ Hardware support specifications for PC version launcher and PC version “Only I Level Up”

As can be seen in the specifications above, the minimum and recommended specifications are provided based on Intel processors. Intel’s 3rd and 4th generations are recommended as the minimum and recommended, but as many people know, 12th to 14th generation core processors are currently being sold as flagship models, so even processors from about 10 years ago work well to some extent. It tells you that it does. That said, it will not be easy to run Windows 10 or higher on the above processor.

However, the Core i7 14700K processor, a representative gaming processor sold recently, operates stably enough in the PC version that there is no need to worry, and furthermore, you do not have to worry at all even if you run multiple mobile games by running a multi-app environment through the app player. It showed a stable appearance.

So, if you often play mobile games, especially most recent collectible RPG games that give you free draws after going through the initial tutorial, you can use up to 8 app players from 6 as shown above, or increase the system memory a little more to support more than 8 app players. If you run it and draw at the same time and get the character you want, you can enjoy the game without paying initially, so please give it a try. The MUMU player introduced today also consumes minimal hardware resources like a recently released app player. I recommend you try it out because it shows smooth speed.

▲ The Intel Core i7 14700K processor has the number of cores that can process up to 28 tasks simultaneously through P-core and E-core.



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