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Incheon Today = Reporter Hyun Dong-min│Incheon United, which caused controversy over the ‘water bottle throwing incident’, was fined 20 million won and banned from cheering for five games by the Korea Professional Football League.

The Korean Professional Football League held Incheon United responsible for the water bottle-throwing incident that occurred during a game against FC Seoul held at Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 11th, and announced that it held a reward and punishment committee on the 16th and imposed a fine of 20 million won and a ban on cheering seats for five games.

Incheon United logo.
Incheon United logo.

In addition, the Korea Professional Football League also imposed a fine of 7 million won on FC Seoul goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom. It was believed that Baek Jong-beom’s provocation was the cause of the Incheon fans throwing water bottles into the stadium.

In the 12th round match between Incheon and Seoul in the ‘Hana Bank K-League 1 2024’ held at Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 11th, Incheon lost to Seoul 1-2.

Accordingly, goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom provoked the Incheon fans by roaring and performing an ‘uppercut’ ceremony at the Incheon home fans cheering seats who were booing and swearing at him immediately after the end of the game.

Incheon fans lost their temper due to this and threw dozens of plastic bottles at Baek Jong-beom and FC Seoul players, which resulted in disciplinary action.

Currently, the K-League prohibits throwing foreign substances in the stadium, and if this is violated, the club is subject to disciplinary action, including ▲ home games without spectators ▲ home games in third-party regions designated by the federation ▲ imposition of a fine of more than 3 million won ▲ closure of cheering and away cheering seats.

Incheon avoided playing home games without spectators, which could be considered the biggest punishment, but will have to play with the home cheering stands closed for five games.

Accordingly, Incheon will not be able to receive support from home fans from the game against Gwangju FC on the 25th to the game against Wool HD on the 29th, the game against Pohang Steelers on June 23rd, the game against Gangwon FC on June 30th, and the game against Gimcheon Sangmu on July 5th.

Regarding this disciplinary action, an Incheon United official said, “At the internal level of the club, we are also taking action such as disciplinary action against those involved in throwing water bottles. “It is clearly our club’s fault, and we will humbly accept the disciplinary action and create a mature game-watching culture to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.”

Meanwhile, Incheon operates a self-reporting system for those who threw water bottles from the 13th to the 19th, and those who voluntarily report will be excluded from future civil and criminal legal action by the club and will only apply the club’s own disciplinary action. “He said.

To date, 97 people have voluntarily reported to the club regarding water bottle throwing.

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