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Boss raid-type cooperative content ‘Hundred Ghosts’ update

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae-young) is updating new characters and content in the collectible RPG ‘Ragnadol: The Lost Yasha Princess (hereinafter referred to as Ragnadol)’.

The new character ‘Dakini’ is a ‘physical jammer’ character who uses dual swords and memorization as weapons. When using a special move, there is a high probability of inflicting a burn effect on the attack target, and when Zero Bigi is activated in a full chain state, the user recovers his own MP and deals additional fire damage to all enemies.

In addition, various effects occur, such as increasing the probability of obtaining a Zero Biggie card by 1.5 times depending on the cumulative number of full chains and granting the user Break Haste status.

The character drawing for ‘Dakini’ will be held from May 15th, and for Kakejiku will be held from the 20th.

‘Character Experience’, where you can see scenarios exclusive to new characters, and the special event quest ‘Dakini’s Pilgrimage to Eradicate Torture’ will also be held. By completing quests, you can obtain premium rewards such as new character draw tickets and character pieces.

The new boss raid-style cooperative content ‘Hundred Ghosts’ will also be introduced through an update. ‘Hundred Ghosts’ is a content that can be participated three times a day, and points are earned according to the number of boss kills within a limited time.

Participants can receive individual and guild rewards based on their accumulated scores, and can also perform panel missions to obtain various high-quality items.

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