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'Jung Kyung-ho♥' Will Choi Soo-young have a brother-in-law?  Soojin Choi, already kissed Enoch...  pink…

(Sports Chosun.com Reporter Lee Ge-eun) Musical actors Enoch and Choi Soo-jin gave off a pink vibe.

In Channel A’s ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class (hereinafter referred to as ‘Groom’s Class’)’, which aired on the 15th, Enoch and Choi Su-jin’s date scene was revealed.

On this day in a park, Enoch sat on a bench and waited for someone. The person who finally appeared was Choi Soo-jin. The two previously enjoyed a date in Itaewon. It is also said that they performed several kissing scenes while working together in musicals. In particular, Jang Young-ran warmly welcomed the reunion of the two and laughed with joy, saying, “I’m so grateful that you can control yourself.”

Enoch asked Soo-jin Choi, “Did anyone around you say anything after we last met?” and Su-jin Choi laughed, saying, “He laughed so hard. He said he was getting a massage when he talked to Soo-young on the phone.”

Enoch continued to compliment her by saying, “Your voice is clear and clean, but there is also drama in it.” Meanwhile, Soojin Choi created a pink atmosphere by revealing that while acting together in a production, Enoch buried his face in her neck and said, “He also touched my earrings.”

Enoch visited a perfume workshop for a date with Sujin Choi, and Sujin Choi was very satisfied, saying she usually likes perfume. The two decided to make each other perfume. Before Choi Soo-jin made her perfume, she said, “Remember this perfume,” and she held out her wrist to Enoch and made natural skinship. She also expressed her gratitude for the date that suited her taste, saying, “I was really curious about where he was going, but he did well. If I just do this, I think it will be enough. I can become a groom.”

While eating, Enoch heard Choi Soo-jin say, “When I had a cold before, I got better when I ate the kimchi and bean sprout soup my mom made,” and Enoch made a flirtatious comment, saying, “I’m good at cooking! If you get sick later, come to my house.” She also showed a more proactive side, saying, “Your mother needs a son-in-law who is like a son.” The two promised to meet again next time.

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