Xi Jinping "Agree to a political solution to the Ukraine war"… Putin "New security architecture in Asia-Pacific" – Yonhap News TV VRESP TODAY

Xi Jinping “agrees to a political solution to the Ukraine war”… Putin: New security structure for Asia-Pacific


Russian President Putin visited China at the invitation of President Xi Jinping.

This is the 43rd meeting between the two, and President Xi referred to Putin as an old friend, showing off their bromance.

The two leaders also said they agreed on a political solution to the war in Ukraine.

This is Bae Sam-jin, a correspondent in Beijing.


President Putin and President Xi Jinping entering the Great Hall of the People with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army lined up.

A 21-gun salute was also fired to welcome President Putin, who was invited as a state guest.

President Putin’s visit to China is a response to President Xi Jinping’s choice of Russia as his first visit after starting his third consecutive term in March last year.

President Xi expressed his trust and friendship with President Putin, calling him an old friend whom he met about 40 times.

China also emphasized that it is willing to join hands with Russia to protect global fairness and justice.

“Starting from the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two sides should further strengthen the linkage of development strategies and continue to enrich the implications of bilateral cooperation to better benefit the two countries and their people.”

The two leaders also signed a joint statement to deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership in the new era.

We decided to expand cooperation in various fields, including the economy, and to jointly respond to the issues of Palestine and Ukraine in response to anti-Western diplomacy.

President Xi also said that both countries recognize that resolving the Ukraine crisis politically is the right direction.

President Putin also said, “Dialogue with Ukraine is open,” and positively evaluated the four principles presented by China, including respect for sovereignty and territory, and peaceful resolution of crises.

“I have kept the Chinese leader informed of the developments surrounding the Ukraine situation. We are grateful to our friends and colleagues in China for the initiatives they are taking to address this issue.”

President Putin also emphasized that a new security structure must be built in the Asia-Pacific region and that multilateral organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the 20 major countries must be depoliticized.

President Putin is expected to show his will to confront the United States by visiting Harbin Technological University, which is subject to U.S. sanctions, and there are predictions that he may visit both Vietnam and North Korea after his visit to China.

This is Bae Sam-jin from Yonhap News TV in Beijing. ([email protected])

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